Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and Blue Raspberry

I’m filling in for Indi this week, as he’s a little busy today: good luck with the sex change!

Taking a leaf out of Murray’s playbook, this one is to educate the newer hip-hop fans as a lot of the older heads will already know this joint: Rainy Dayz, probably my favourite track from Raekwon’s timeless Only Built 4 Cuban Linx album.

The combination of Wu affiliate Blue’s soulful vocals, the brilliant, atmospheric and almost haunting RZA beat and a couple of superb verses from Ghostface and Rae make this one of the most listenable tracks for newcomers to the Wu style, and one of the most repeatable tracks for those familiar with it. Undoubtedly a classic in my eyes, and a must-have in any hip-hop fan’s collection.

Raekwon-Rainy Dayz ft. Ghostface Killah and Blue Raspberry

Various Collaborations, Lazily Presented

I’m feeling a bit lazy, and the football (soccer) will have started by the time I’ve published this, so here’s some stuff I’ve got from the last couple of days. 4 very diverse tracks though, grab ‘em. More coming later.

Lil’ Jon-Give It All You Got ft. Kee and Tinchy Stryder (early version here)

Murs and 9th Wonder-3:16 pt. 2 (from upcoming joint album)

Jay Rock-Say I Won’t Go ft. Tyrese

Killer Mike-Still My N**** ft. Ludacris and Game

Grafh Enlists Pretty Much Everyone For A Remix

Alright, so only 5 other rappers but still. It’s a big number for some.

I don’t really particularly dislike anyone on this track (naturally I have my favourites though), so I’m looking forward to seeing what they all bring to the table on this one. I expect it to be a very different type of posse cut to the one a couple of posts below, but equally worth checking out.

Grafh-Bring the Goons Out (Remix) ft. Jim Jones, Red Cafe, Bun B, Maino & Cassidy

Single Artwork

J. Cole and B.o.B Perform Gladiator Live

B.o.B makes an appearance at a J. Cole live show in Atlanta, and the duo perform one of the strongest tracks from the May 25th mixtape. Love the beat for Gladiator and it’s worth checking out this video if you liked the track.

B.o.B kicks off with a bit of Nothin’ On You too, as an added bonus.

Kidz In The Hall, 88-Keys, Izza Kizza & Donnis Collab

That is not just a list of dope upcomers, but is actually the line-up for the Crowd Control Tour going down in the US. To commemorate that, they’ve dropped a posse cut for us all to enjoy. I’ve only given it a brief listen so far, but it sounded really good and had a nice energy about it. All these guys can spit too, so I don’t expect the verses to be lacking either.

Kidz In The Hall, 88-Keys, Izza Kizza & Donnis-Crowd Control

Gorillaz-Superfast Jellyfish

Latest leak from the album comes in the form of this decent track, which features De La Soul and Gruff Rhys. Good track all-round, with a slightly more hip-hop edge to it than other Gorillaz stuff.

Gorillaz-Superfast Jellyfish ft. Gruff Rhys and De La Soul

XV-30 Minute Layover Mixtape

Looking forward to checking this out. On the basis of his previous work, and the earlier leak from this mixtape, it should be a pretty dope tape. Only 30 minutes too, so he hasn’t gone for overkill like many mixtapes do. XV is definitely a name you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

XV-30 Minute Layover

Estelle and Kardinal Offishall Collab

Bit of a change in direction for Estelle. Pretty dancey track, with some dub elements in the production too. Produced by David Guetta, so there’s no secret that this one is aimed at the clubs.

It might grow on me eventually, but I was a fan of her more soulful stuff so I’m not completely sold on this yet. However, I completely expect this to be a pretty massive track as it’s exactly the sound the mainstream is looking for right now, so it’s one worth grabbing if you’re that way inclined.

Estelle-Freak ft. Kardinal Offishall

Sway-The Delivery Mixtape

One of the UK’s biggest rappers drops off a free mixtape for y’all to enjoy. His last album had some pretty decent tracks on it, so I’ve got high hopes for this album on that basis. He’s gone a little quiet since that last album, so it’s good to hear from Sway again.

The mixtape is entirely free (after giving up your email address-big deal…) and can be copped at the below link.

Sway-The Delivery Mixtape

R&B Fridays: Episode 37

There are some utterly awesome tracks in this episode, and I have no qualms with name-checking the new Janet Jackson track as the definite highlight of this episode. Of course, the rest is very good too, but that track is sweet.

Click on for new music from Ne-Yo, Mario and more.

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Quick Throwback: Atmosphere

After 2Pac and Biggie’s passing, hip-hop was in a state of limbo. With Nas and Jay busy trying to gain the right to the thrown, a certain Ant and Slug were in the studio quietly going about their business. In 1997 they released Overcast!, an instant underground classic which propelled the newly born Atmosphere into the industry.

Known as the kings of ‘backpack’ rap, here is a quick throwback for any Atmosphere fan, reminding them what it was like to first put on Overcast! and hear the eerie, progressive intro track which was 1597.

A year later and both Slug and Ant were in the studio again, this time as a different outfit in the form of The Dynospectrum. An underground hip-hop supergroup, comprised of members who quite frankly at this point aren’t important. But what is important is the following track from their self-titled LP. 2Pac, Kanye and Em wern’t the only artists to sample Hank Crawford’s Wildflower

Collect both throwbacks here:

Atmosphere – 1597

The Dynospectrum – Anything is Everything

Quick Blast: Inspectah Deck

Continuing the Wu-resurgence, the groups’ most underrated MC, Inspectah Deck, is due to release The Manifesto LP on March 23rd.

Crazy, like the album itself, has a much different feel from anything Mathematics (in my previous post) has conjured up. Deck, both as a budding producer himself and the enlistment of several up-and-comers, has crafted a project which still maintains that traditional Wu style, yet is well-equipped for hip-hop as it stands today. Although I felt there were a few fillers which Deck could have done without, The Manifesto is a nice addition to any Wu fans’ iTunes.

Inspectah Deck – Crazy

Final Mathematics / Wu Installment

About to get pretty Wu’d up in here over the next two posts. Not only do I have the final installment of the DJ Mathematics’ Return of the Wu & Friends with two more exclusives ready for you to sink your teeth into, but up next is my favourite drop from Inspectah Deck’s latest LP. Stay tuned for a medley of Wu-gasms.

Both these tracks feature a core of the original Wu members. Mathematics does a great job on the boards, keeping that true Wu formula intact. Real Nillaz is a real treat.

Wu Tang Clan – All Flowers

Wu Tang Clan – Real Nillaz

Who Is Zuper Blahq? Er, It's

I’ve got time for this. It’s a side project of’s, but with a spin: he’s constantly denying it’s him. It is him of course, just with a mask and stuff on: a very Daft Punk-esque move and further enhances my belief that anonymity creates buzz. To some this info isn’t new, but to me it is so deal with it.

Anywho, onto the music. It’s pretty much house/dance music, and it’s quite good as it doesn’t sound as overly-complex/sh*t as a majority of the current stuff. Two tracks below: the first is a feature, but ‘Zuper’ does all the work on it. Pretty good too, got some real potential to be an absolute club banger. The second is pretty bad quality (sorry), but is a good track. It’s very throwback, and has a very retro-style dance beat that I really like. Check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for a better version soon.

Shouts to Sash for this nice find. I’d link you to some form of social networking site for him, but he’s backwards like that.

Steve Aoki-I’m In The House ft. Zuper Blahq

Zuper Blahq-Here We Go

Taio Cruz and Ludcaris-Break Your Heart (Remix) Video

Visuals for the official remix to Taio’s ubiquitous track. Audio can be swacked from here if you missed it first time around.

I liked the remix, and I’m reliably informed that the video has some nice eye candy too, although I haven’t watched it yet. Potential all-round win.

We The Kings cover Lady GaGa

Pretty decent cover by WTK who I imagine most of you wouldn’t have heard of…. till now (later).

I’ll actually try and post something worthwhile sometime soon, but my iTunes folder got deleted yesterday by my computer disk checking, so I’ve been frantically trying to back-rip stuff from my iPod. To success might I add.

Anyway, I’m uncharacteristically lost for anything else to write here.


Edit: to add I forgot to include something about Lady GaGa actually being a man.

Quick Blast: Rhymefest & Skyzoo

As the title suggests, a new track by Skyzoo and Rhymefest. This track is pretty good, I’ll let the email describe it:

Rhymefest ended up just being at the studio during Skyzoo’s session, the two hit it off very quickly with help from this K-Salaam and Beatnik track and the concept for “Crack The Code” was born. Skyzoo’s verse centers on the intricacies of Chicago, while Rhymefest raps about the nature of New York City. It’s an homage to two great homes for Hip Hop, and a pairing of two great emcees.”

Download this track, Crack The Code, by clicking here.

Quick Blast: Usher's Daddy's Home Track/Video

More a clarification post than anything. So, you know I was diggin’ the video for this track (found here), especially ‘cos it left Plies out. In that post I mentioned that I was looking for that version of the audio right?

Well, I’ve got egg on my face as I actually posted that version myself many moons ago on this very site. Woops. You can grab it here anyway, if you didn’t the first time!

It’s hard keeping up with myself!

Throwback Thursdays Vol 15

A Tribe Called Quest has a prominent, and often overlooked, place in hip-hop history. Alongside De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest (heron referred to as ATCQ) formed part of the Native Tongues satisfying the industry with their positive-minded, afrocentric lyricism and electric-sampled and jazz-influenced beats.

Rapper Phife Dawg, producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad and all-rounder Q-Tip’s fourth effort spawned Beats, Rhymes and Life (1996); their darkest album to date in terms of concept and unlike their previous releases, was tentatively received by critics. Although BRAL won’t be recognised in the same category as The Low End Theory (1991), Midnight Marauders (1993) or People’s Instinctive Travels and The Paths of Rhythm (1990) (try saying that when you’re drunk), the album is significant in a number of ways… → Continue Reading

Ke$ha and 3OH!3-Blah Blah Blah Video

The 5 reasons for posting this:

1. The song is funny.

2. The video has some funny moments.

3. Ke$ha doesn’t look like a horse anymore.

4. I try to keep everyone happy.

5. It’ll piss Murray off.

XV-Drop The World Remix

Real nice remix from one of the better upcoming rappers right now. Definitely one worth picking up for fans of the original, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a new XV mixtape coming later this week which will contain 9 more freestyles. On the strength of this track, it should be pretty decent.

XV-Lift the Game (Drop the World Freestyle)

Quick Throwback: DJ Screw and Drake

Drake fans, you should read this. Hip-hop fans, you are already reading this.

DJ Screw was a pioneering DJ, who really popularised the chopped and screwed style years ago. He unfortunately passed away a little over 9 years ago. Drake fans will know and love the track November 18th from his So Far Gone mixtape, as it’s probably the best track.

The reason? It’s an old DJ Screw track. I didn’t register this initially, until the Screw version popped up in my rotation recently and I realised what a fool I’d been. Not new information for some, but definitely for others and nice to see Screw being appreciated either way. You can (and should) check out the original version below as it’s pretty dope.

DJ Screw-June 27

Lady Antebellum-Need You Now

Now this is rather interesting. Apparently these guys are pretty massive in the US and Canada, and I came across this track today. It’s sort of a hybrid between pop, country, acoustic and alt. rock and sounds really good. They’ve got a really familiar and mainstreamy sound going on, which makes this track very easy to listen to. I can see this crossing over to these shores and doing very, very well to be honest.

Lady Antebellum-Need You Now (2010 version)

Kanye West-Coldest Winter Video

One of the best tracks from 808s and Heartbreak finally gets visuals. I say that, but the audio for this is slightly remixed to sound a little more haunting. I prefer the original but this version definitely works better with the video’s theme.

Lyrically, I’ve always loved this track a lot as the raw, painful emotions are really well described/performed and have great relatability. The video itself is really dark, eerie and I like it a lot, though it’s probably going to go over a lot of people’s heads which is a shame (especially as it doesn’t actually feature Kanye). The colour scheme used really highlights the desperation, fear and sadness of both the lyrics and the woman (I always associated this track with the colour blue for some reason), whilst the Scarecrow-esque characters add a very creepy feel to the whole thing.

Another dope video from Nabil & Kanye in my book.

Aziz Ansari/Raaaandy/Dave Sitek's First Single!!

Oh my word. You should all know by know that Aziz Ansari is nothing short of hilarious, and it’s his character Randy from Funny People that has really elevated him to fame. I remember Nikul showing me this very funny video recently, and I did not expect that they would actually do the mixtape!

The track below is utterly classic. They take ‘shots’ at literally everyone from Kid Cudi to the Wu-Tang Clan, and it’s funny as hell. “Ludacris, you slower than mayonnaise!”. You absolutely have to get this right now!

Raaaaaaaandy & Dave Sitek-AAAAAAAANGRY

Hate Is The New Love: Mobb Deep vs 2Pac

If you missed the first episode of OTU’s newest feature, then take the time to revisit here.

Into this week’s business.

What many people don’t realise is that 2Pac and Biggie’s feud wasn’t just exclusive to them. Hip-hop’s most infamous rivalry spilled into studios with artists who had never even worked with the originators, feeling their dignity had been violated and now wanted their shit on record.

The beef started when Tha Dogg Pound’s New York, New York filtered over to the East Coast. Mobb Deep took offence and responded with Queensbridge counterparts Tragedy Khadafi and Capone-N-Noreaga on LA, LA. Although both tracks call out their opposite coasts to ‘come outta town’, at this point, things were still rather innocuous…

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This wasn’t on the tracklist I posted recently, so either it’s a late addition or a cut from the upcoming album. Either way, it’s a very funny and entertaining Luda track. He’s always been a pretty funny chap, and this Neptunes produced-track definitely captures that.


Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi Collaboration-That Tree

Two of the world’s best-loved smokers hook up for a track from Snoop’s upcoming More Malice. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the title of the track probably isn’t a reference to an oak tree they have mutual love for, or even a willow tree.

The more surprising part is that it’s actually produced by Diplo, so it’s a pretty dance-influenced beat and it works rather well. Cudi drops a really addictive hook, and takes on this beat quite well with a verse of his own. One worth checking out for sure.

Snoop Dogg-That Tree ft. Kid Cudi