Throwback Thursdays Vol 8

If you worship the ground Jay-Z walks on then walk away now. (No don’t, I’ve got a goodie for you at the end of this review. Consider it a reward for the bashing I’m about to unleash). If, however, you have an open mind to hip-hop and can see past the rap mogul’s disguise then please read on (I’ve dropped loads of goodies throughout this week’s review).

Mic Geronimo (feat Ja Rule, Jay-Z & DMX) – Time To Build (The Natural) (1995)

Mic Geronimo is a little well known M.C. hailing from Queens. He dropped his debut LP The Natural in 1995 and without selling many copies, is considered by many today as an underground essential. I would recommend you pick the album up because it is a textbook example of how to maintain that rough, gritty style yet Geronimo holds down the mic to provide you with enough substance to keep you hooked throughout.

For a relatively unknown artist Geronimo must have some top networking skills as he drafts in O.C., Royal Flush and the three artists some of you may know quite well in the form of Jay-Z, Ja Rule and DMX.

Jay, Ja and X temporarily formed as a trio under the alias of Murder Inc (before Irv Gotti coined his label their namesake). Time To Build saw the three come together on wax teaming up with Mic Geronimo to lay down some pretty awesome gangster rap. The beat is nothing crazy though, in fact it is pretty repetitive and by far from my favourite on the album (Man Of My Own and Three Stories High take that honour). The real power of this track is the features however and each MC goes in pretty hard. You will notice Jay spitting his pre-Reasonable Doubt quick fire flow he tactfully acquired from Jaz-O and Big L (see later) before X comes in with his instantly recognisable rugged and slightly awkward rhyme scheme. My favourite verse has to be Ja’s though; whether because it’s a welcome relief from his later career antics or because he kills it on an all-star lineup I will leave up to you to make your own mind up.

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Whilst I was digging around for some background to this week’s throwback I stumbled across this track from very early on in Jay-Z’s career in 1994.

Jay-Z – I Can’t Get Get Wit That (1994)

If you haven’t realised by now, I don’t get on too well with Jay’s music. Although you can’t knock his hustle (he is a great businessman and knows how to make a commercial record or ten) he is, for me, one of the most overrated of all time. I really wanted to hate on this and on first listen I achieved that hatred.

After his appearance on Big L’s Da Graveyard it is evident that not only was he “still on Jaz-O’s dick” (Nas, 2001, Ether) but he was then biting Big L’s style too. The more I thought about it the more I got annoyed at how he then started to bite Biggie too after he passed. Then I got all flustered, stuck my iTunes on my 90′s East Coast playlist (yeah I have one of those) and went down for a cup of tea. As the kettle was boiling I heard a tune from upstairs and couldn’t help but be drawn into the easy-going piano loop and catchy chorus. I wondered what it was so I finished my tea off, went upstairs and yeah, you guessed it…

Fuck you Jay-Z and your charismatic temptations…

Up Next Week…

Created Mafioso hip-hop and the multi-syllabic rhyme scheme. You might say he had a pretty big impact on the history of the genre.

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4 comments to Throwback Thursdays Vol 8

  • Notorious Indi

    I Can’t Get Wit That is an awesome track imho. He’s got a video to it as well, which is worth checking out to see how much skinnier he is.

  • Murray

    Yeah, agreed. I wanted to hate it, but couldn’t. The video is over at hiphopdx who happened to do their Throwback Thursday with the video! Weird huh?

  • As I said earlier to you M-Cat, they’re the second site I’ve seen biting our idea. There are probably more too.

  • Notorious Indi

    epic coincidence that they have chosen that track this week as well!

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