Throwback Thursdays Vol 11

OK, put your hands up if you know 50 Cent. No, not know him, I mean have heard of him. Yeah thought so. All of you. I think even my Mum knows who 50 is. If you don’t you must be a troglodyte.

Anyway, not all of you may know his history or, more importantly, his music before In Da Club.

After the click I’ve got all this exclusively for you. Plus, I’ve carefully handpicked 8 of his best pre-2000 work for your enjoyment.

50 was introduced into the rap game courtesy of a friend who, in 1996, introduced him to Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. JMJ taught him how to write rhymes and make records before 50’s first official verse which was on the underground, yet established, hardcore group Onyx’s React. This led 50 towards becoming signed by Columbia before hitting the studio and putting together his first album: The Power Of The Dollar, formally released in 2000.

50’s stock rose/fell when he wrote the controversial How To Rob which was essentially a fame-grabbing industry diss. He goes at household names from Jay to Big Pun, from DMX to the Wu Tang collective. Although the song goes at each artist saying how he would rob them, it’s all a relatively jovial track (how can the Madd Rapper on the chorus be taken as anything other?!) however many of the artists disliked the attack and called out the up-and-coming 50 in some shape or form. Nas, a future nemesis of 50, on the other hand, saw the funny side of 50’s attempt at popularity and invited him on his Nastradamus tour although a few days before 50 was scheduled to tour he was infamously shot and later, dropped from Columbia.

After being blacklisted from the record industry (in part due to the shooting and secondly, due to his ‘named-calling’ Ghetto Qu’ran) 50 was unable to get a deal so hooked up with Sha Money XL, hitting the mixtape scene hard until he was finally picked up by Eminem. The rest, ladies and gentlemen, is history…

50 Cent – ’97 Freestyle

Raw freestyle from 1997. Real early and rare material from 50 here.

50 Cent – Nobody Eats

Heavy looped beat. Quick verse from 50. Nice solid rhymes. Recycles some lines in How To Rob.

50 Cent – The Hit

In his book 50 refers to this as his ‘hot’ joint and you can tell he was real proud of this. Doesn’t do too much for me, but evidences how almost unrecognisable he is on his material before he was shot.

50 Cent – Power Of The Dollar

One of my favourite 50 joints. Quite a conscious and reflective beat on this one and great wordplay and rhyme to 50’s style here.

50 Cent (feat Mic Geronimo & Others) – Evil That Men Do

Rework of Eurhythmics’ Sweet Dreams. (btw, what a classic!) Features a collection of artists quite frankly I’ve never heard of.

50 Cent – How To Rob (Industry Diss)

Notorious industry diss. Worth a download to listen him go at other rappers with quirky humour.

50 Cent – Ghetto Qu’ran

The track he is often criticised for ‘snitching’ on street counterparts. Nice mellow, chilled beat. Retrospective kinda joint here. Download for your collection.

Onyx (feat 50 Cent) – React

For those of you who have Onyx’s Shut Em Down album which this track is on you will know it’s a bit of a filler track (although it was released as a single I believe) and certainly not the best. However, 50 rips it up and puts in a an energetic and memorable, albeit short, performance.

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

I’m going to do a white MC. Not Eminem. Not RA The Rugged Man. Made Nas’ career. You got it yet?

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