Tempest's Best of '09... better late than later.

Yes, the title makes sense. What of it?

Anyway, hereon-in is my Best of 2009 straight through the internets to your face. Mostly your eyes, then ears. Not sure you’ll be able to taste much of it. I digress, I’m going to attempt to get my albums of the year out of the way first, then probably just artists that I’ve enjoyed in 2009, irrespective if they actually released anything (decent) in 2009.  How does that scan?

Right, I hope you’re sitting comfortably; this could get lengthy………wahey!! But seriously, read on.


Allred- Covers II

Covers I (one) was outstanding enough, with Blink 182′s Damnit being an astonishing stand-out track, along with ace tracks covering (surprisingly) Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World and U2 (who I otherwise brand as overrated…. mild pun intended). This album absolutely raped my iTunes in about May and stayed there raping away till the end of August. It really is redonkulous. Muscially, for most of you who I assume haven’t heard of him, it’s an acoustic take on a number of famous tracks. Some of the tracks can be considered depressing, but it shows just how much he puts into each track to stamp his own take on them. On Your Porch is quite capably my favourite track, covering The Formatt who I admit to have never heard of nor heard the track previously. Educate yourselves, bitches.

Tempest’s Pick (yeah thats right Murray, I stole your idea): On Your Porch

Silversun Pickups- Swoon

All you regular Tempest followers out there (all zero of you) will have noticed I posted a track from Silversun Pickups I was obsessed with a while back. If you weren’t the 1 person that actually downloaded this you can get it here. I assume the rest of you just downloaded the whole ablum elsewhere, yeah? Anyway, Silversun Pickups released a new album this year, and without too much surprise it is a cracker. Much like Angels and Airwaves, not musically mind, they know what they’re good at and stick the fuck to it. Genre? Electro/Indie/Rock. Best track? Changes on a daily basis with me, but right now I’d have to say Panic Switch.

Tempest’s Pick: Panic Switch

All Time Low- Nothing Personal

Back to my pop-punk roots now, with the latest release from All Time Low; their 3rd full length LP. They’ve also done at least 2 acoustic/MTV Unplugged/ iTunes Exclusive EPs that are worth getting hold of if you like music at all. I mean at all. It’s no surprise that they’re top of my Last.Fm stats, even if my laptop has decided not to scrobble anymore. ATL have actually become popular in the UK this year, by which I mean I’ve heard them playing in a couple of clubs and a couple of times on Kerrang. Those of you who may have heard them will have most likely got wind of Weightless or Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t), which while both being quality tracks aren’t my favourites. I’m going to have to side with Lost In Stereo for my pick on this album, as its just rather rad. As a side note to anyone who may have had the pleasure of hearing Remembering Sunday on their last full LP (So Wrong, Its Right), it’s a shame that they tried another acoustic esque track, and it’s terrible. As Remembering Sunday was so good, find it below.

Tempest’s Pick: Lost In Stereo
Tempest’s Bonus Track: Remembering Sunday

Jack’s Mannequin- The Glass Passenger

This album, and artist, were basically the only reason I made it through placement when I had nothing to do (which we all know were fleeting occasions…). There’s nothing like slamming some kick-ass piano into some pop-punk: you’ve got a formula for brilliance. I couldn’t decide on just one track to pick from this one, as the first 2 tracks on the album are crackers, so just for you personally, yes you, I’ve included both tracks. Why? Because I can. I HAVE THIS KIND OF POWER!

Tempest’s Pick: Crashin and Spinning… wowza bonanza!

Taking Back Sunday- New Again

TBS released their first LP since Louder Now came out back when I was pimping it out in 6th form, so New Again was welcomed with open arms. It’s good to see the band and progressed from their first 2 albums- Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want To Be, which I’m personally not that fond of. Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team) being one of the main exceptions, however the acoustic version is in fact better. New Again fairly effortlessly walks into my top albums of this year (obviously…it’s in my best of ’09) but is definitely competing for for the No.1 spot. The Big Cat’s pick for this one is a massive toss up (hehehe “toss”) however I’m going to side with Where My Mouth Is as its actually pretty cool, and a nice change from the pace of the rest of the album.

Tempest’s Pick: Where My Mouth Is

Between The Trees- Spain

Between The Trees, those crafty rascals, followed up their first album The Story and the Song which was quite frankly a bit disappointing, bar a couple of tracks. I’ll admit I didn’t hear it until I had heard Spain, but my point stands none the less. More inclusions of pianos in here, which we have learnt by now is wicked good. A triple threat match for The Tempest’s pick, and again I’m not man enough to make a call. So have all 3. I said I have the power.

Tempest’s Pick: Spain, We Can Try, One Last Time (Darlin’ II)

Other Notables

Dashboard Confessional released another album, and Alter The Ending doesn’t let anyone down. Hook yourself up with my favourite track from this album here, after I already posted it for you fine, fine seahorses.

Explosions In The Sky are basically the only reason I was able to write 7000 words in a little more than 6 days recently. As a massive, massive fan of the brilliant TV show Friday Night Lights, I opted to listen to the sountrack album for the film (which isn’t as good, as it doesn’t have any Timmy Riggins), and its out-bloody-standing. Your Hand In Mine (with Strings) has swaggered its way up into my top 25 most played tracks in my iTunes without really breaking a sweat. It’s so good that I’m going to have to post it right now.

Jaguar Skills who has already featured in my posts before, helped me through pretty much every journey I had to take driving a minibus that doesn’t go over 60mph. For an actual Jaguar, he’s a pretty handy DJ too, my favourite mix is 2009 Blast Off Mix.

You Me At Six- I saw these chaps live at the HMV Forum in June/July, and not only do they produce top drawer albums, but they are very good live. English too. The title track from their album Take Off Your Colours is my pick.

30 Seconds To Mars released their 3rd studio album in 2009, and This Is War is very, very good. It should really feature in the section above this one, but I’m already down here now. Ajay will tell you Night Of The Hunter is the best track on the album, our opinions clearly differ here as I like the title track, funnily enough named This Is War.

I so nearly forgot to add this in here, and I’m genuinely ashamed I did almost forget. You will understand my embarrassment when you learn its about the one and only: OJ Da Juiceman. OJ came out with his album Otha Side Of The Trap this year, and with his signature “fair ground” beats, tore up both rap and hip-hop respectively. Hands down Old School Cars was the stand out track from this album. Get it now, and enjoy the dulce tones of “Young Juice”. Ay Ay Ay Ay…. OK!! I’ll remove my tongue from my cheek now.

Best Musical Documentary of 2009

I won’t lie and say I’ve watched loads of these. I only saw Lil’ Wayne’s one, but it was quite funny.

Worst Band Since The Dawn of Time

Its been a while since The Black Eyed Peas were insulted, but they’re worse than terrorism, the black plague and cancer combined. The immense flids. I HATE YOU ALL, I WISH NOTHING BUT PAIN UPON YOU!!

On that note, thank you and goodnight.

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4 comments to Tempest’s Best of ’09… better late than later.

  • Good stuff, and if I’m honest, a bloody hilarious read.

    I’m with you on a majority of that, although I haven’t listened to the entire Silversun Pickups album yet. The Between The Trees album is superb though, as is the 30STM one.

    OJ is the greatest rapper in the game right now tbh.

  • Murray

    T, I love your writing style so much I want to marry you so you can write me stories throughout my day to make me happy

  • Notorious Indi

    I still need to check out that Lil’ Wayne documentary!

  • Tempest

    Cheers chaps.

    Ajay- I think we both know OJ IS the rap game right now. Both Swoon and Carnavas (sp?) are quality, check them out.

    Murr- Its basically what I think of when I’m trying to type, glad you like it. Re-grow the beard you had when you were blind and we’ll talk.

    And whoever has download Explosions In The Sky so far; well played!

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