Sunday's Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Ludacris/The Game/T.I.

Interesting bit of history on this Young Buck track, originally mooted as a collaboration with just himself and T.I. After hearing the T.I. verse containing disses towards Ludacris, to which Buck was surprised at, as it seemingly came from nowhere – Buck phoned up Luda and asked him if it was ok to have the track on his album. Ludacris said it was fine as long as he could get a verse on it….the result? Ludacris having the final verse on the track completely owning T.I. (Peep the final line of his verse!).

However Interscope were not happy and asked Buck to get rid of either the Luda or T.I. verse if he wanted it on his Straight Outta Cashville album. Naturally the T.I. verse was scrapped, with The Game filling in. The version I have for you lucky people is one with all 4 rappers on this superb song. Go click that red text below, now.

Young Buck – Stomp ft. The Game, Ludacris & T.I.

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1 comment to Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Ludacris/The Game/T.I.

  • Nice Indi. One of my favs from Str8 Outta Cashville. Always remember being confused when I got the album then discovered there was another version out there. Seems like a long time ago both Game n Buck on a track together, however the way things are looking, it might not be too long before we seem them on wax again together!

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