Royce (feat Eminem) – Drop The World (Blend)

As we know by now Royce loves staying at the forefront of the underground scene. Here we have an absolute belter from his upcoming Bar Exam 3 where he jumps on Wayne/Em’s Drop The World. Royce’s joint only contains his vocals, but this one is a blend kindly provided by littlefranky over at and chucks Wayne off and keeps Em’s verse. This track gets me craving for an official reunion between the two and once again proves Royce > Wayne and perhaps evidently on this blend also > Eminem…

Royce Da 5’9″ (feat Eminem) – Drop The World (Blend)

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2 comments to Royce (feat Eminem) – Drop The World (Blend)

  • Murray

    You know its sad when you are commenting on your own posts but…

    This blend is truly amazing and I can’t get enough of it at the moment.

    Hats off to Wayne for picking a top beat for Royce and Em to destroy.

  • I am enjoying it. My only gripe is (and this is no fault of the guy who remixed it, it’s Royce’s) is that the beat Royce uses is actually a remake of the beat and not the original instrumental.

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