Quick Throwback: Reks / DJ Premier

After a pretty hectic evening out with the OTU team I thought I had better jump on and hold the fort down a bit before the rest of our beloved colleagues surface from the carnage.

Quick one here from the heavily underrated Reks and this time, for once, I’m not throwing back too far. Say Goodnight is the underground hit from Reks’ critically acclaimed 2008 Grey Hairs album. About.com rated this as their 3rd best track of the year and it’s easy to see where they were coming from.

This is in my top 5 Premo beats of all time. Period. Reks goes in and his passion for hip-hop stands up against any artist past or present. I guarantee if you download this it will be ‘raping your iTunes’ for weeks to come.

Reks – Say Goodnight (produced DJ Premier)

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