Giggs and B.o.B-Don't Go There Video

Those of you unfamiliar with UK hip-hop will be confused by the name Giggs. It is not, I repeat not, Ryan Giggs of Manchester United fame. As much as I wish it was (no offence), as a United fan, it isn’t.

Extremely dope to see the lavishly-talented B.o.B working with our very own UK artists, and he drops a very likeable and memorable hook which really holds this track together.

Giggs brings his trademark slow flow to the track, and whilst I haven’t heard enough of Giggs for it to grow on me, I expect it will eventually.

Don’t quite know whether I’m getting permissions to throw up the .mp3 or not, so enjoy the official video for now. Apparently the track isn’t that new (although the video is) so I’m sure you’re all resourceful enough if I don’t get the nod.

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