Drake and Michael Jackson Snippets

Two (very short) snippets that are worth grabbing below. I normally steer clear of snippets, but these two are rather good.

The first is a Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravtiz collabo that may/may not see a full version get released. I hope it does get released, as it sounds very good in fairness. I will of course throw it on here if I get it.

The second is a Drake snippet, which could either be a snippet for a future track, or simply a cut from something unreleased. You might recognise the opening few bars from Young Money’s Every Girl but it is a new verse after that. The track has some real potential, and again I hope this surfaces too. Apologies for the DJ tags on this, you know we normally roll tag-free but I can only work with what I’m given!

Michael Jackson-Another Day ft. Lenny Kravitz (Snippet)

Drake-Baby Come With Me (Snippet)

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