Dan Kent....Aspiring Producer

We at Overrating The Underrated are all about promoting up and coming talent. We’re also a team that appreciates a good beat, this post has both in abundance.

Click on to grab a fair few tracks that you’ll enjoy.

An Open letter To NYC remix

This is a remix to a great Beastie Boys track, the beat puts an even more storytelling feel to the song.

RocknRolla ft. L Rhymez

This is a Dub Rap track Dan has produced for L Rhymez’ upcoming mixtape. It features a nice sample taken from the Guy Ritchie film of the same name, which adds a lot to the track. Again, the beat here is great and shows versatility and L Rhymez flows well.

Get Physical ft. L Rhymez

Another track Dan has produced for L Rhymez which will be going on his debut album due for release this year. Dan has produced a number of tracks for the album, as well as the new mixtape previously mentioned, which will be available to download soon. As the title suggests, this is more of a track you’d hear in the clubs.

New Jack City

This is an instrumental track which includes a sample taken from the film of the same title. Really feeling this, great hip hop type instrumental you can just chill to.

Detox ft. Rick Mal

And finally Detox is an anti drugs song featuring Bolton rapper Rick Mal which takes influence from his own personal experience. The beat emits the mood of Rick Mal really well, by not over-complicating the beat I think it really fits well to the repetitive nature of a drug addict.

I’ll let Dan tell his own story here:

My name is Dan Kent and I’m a 21 year old hip hop producer from South London. Musically, I started off DJ’ing in my early teens and became quite a popular mobile and local club DJ. I then started producing my own music, which is what any DJ really aspires to do! I flirted with a few genres of music, but as I got older I settled on making hip hop music and have been doing so for a number of years. It’s only recently that I’ve ‘upped my levels’ and started to mature as a producer and began to churn out tracks that people appear to enjoy listening to. I’ve worked with a few different rappers and will spend the final year of my University course getting together a decent number of tracks featuring as many MCs and rappers as I can and start to send off my demo to labels.

You can check out more of Dan Kent on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dankentproducer

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