Finally putting this up! 5 tracks after the click that I haven’t put up yet from my brief hiatus. Couple of decent ones in there too, so be sure to keep reading.

Cassidy-Henny And Bacardi (feat. Swizz Beatz)
-Bit of a club banger right here, as you’d expect with Swizzy on the feature. Maybe not as initially striking as My Drink N My 2 Step, but definitely a grower with some real potential.

Rich Boy-Look Good
-Funny old track this. It’s actually not that bad given that it’s Rich Boy, but you listen to this and tell me that he hasn’t completely bitten T.I.’s style?! This could literally be a T.I. track if you swapped the names.

Bun B-Cuckoo Freestyle
-Bun B’s onslaught continues with this effort, dropping some decent bars over Slaughterhouse’s Cuckoo.

Nipsey Hu$$le-Return of the Swag ft. Iyaz
-I like this track, mainly because it samples the Mark Morrisson classic Return of the Mack. No diss to Nipsey there though, as I think he’s improving a lot and I like his stuff these days. Iyaz does a decent job on the hook. Another one with some potential.

Saigon-Exhibit Sai
-What’s this, the 100th rapper to take this beat on? Saigon’s allowed though because of his affiliation to Just Blaze/Jay Elect, but as decent as this is no-one going to outdo Jay Elec on this beat. I do think this beat is hugely overrated though, it’s good but it ain’t that special. Exhibit A is a far, far better beat/all-round track.

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