Fly Gypsy and Cash Money

Fly Gypsy just get better and better. They remix Birdman/Cash Money’s soon-to-be smash hit I Want It All, and frankly do better than the original. Birdman was pretty sh*t on the track (and generally), and Kom adds his own fast-paced and well-stacked verses to replace them (which is a favour to us all really).

Alexei has made a couple of smart additions to the beat too, which adds a little more depth to the production. Comes 100% recommended by me to be honest. This is from the upcoming FG*XL:remixtape, which is set to drop in March.

Fly Gypsy-I Want It All ft. Kevin Rudolf and Lil’ Wayne


Sunday's Classic Collabo: Young Buck/Ludacris/The Game/T.I.

Interesting bit of history on this Young Buck track, originally mooted as a collaboration with just himself and T.I. After hearing the T.I. verse containing disses towards Ludacris, to which Buck was surprised at, as it seemingly came from nowhere – Buck phoned up Luda and asked him if it was ok to have the track on his album. Ludacris said it was fine as long as he could get a verse on it….the result? Ludacris having the final verse on the track completely owning T.I. (Peep the final line of his verse!).

However Interscope were not happy and asked Buck to get rid of either the Luda or T.I. verse if he wanted it on his Straight Outta Cashville album. Naturally the T.I. verse was scrapped, with The Game filling in. The version I have for you lucky people is one with all 4 rappers on this superb song. Go click that red text below, now.

Young Buck – Stomp ft. The Game, Ludacris & T.I.

Daft Punk-The Crash

Finally, a reason to get some Daft Punk up!

This is a new track, and believed to be from the upcoming Tron Legacy film. It’s 12 minutes long (!), but I’d be happy to listen to this for 20 minutes. It starts off pretty slowly, and almost hauntingly, but progresses into a pretty nice dance track, and then cools back off again for the ending. Really nice work on this, and I’ll definitely be letting this spin in my rotation for a while.

Daft Punk-The Crash

Big Sean-Supa Dupa Lemonade

Right, so I’m told this instrumental is originally swacked from a Gucci Mane track. Thankfully, Gucci sucks and Big Sean doesn’t.

The beat is pretty hot to be fair, and Big Sean is always nice on the mic. Sean asked on his Twitter for DJs to maybe play a mix of his and Gucci’s versions, but I personally wouldn’t even entertain Gucci’s version after this (without even hearing it).

Big Sean-Supa Dupa Lemonade

The Music of 8 Mile (The 90’s Version)

So before getting into things I feel it is only appropriate to show our remorse at the tragic death of Brittany Murphy and our thoughts at OTU go out to all her family during this difficult time. Her work was admired by masses across the globe, and her performance in 8 Mile was, for me, one of her best moments on the big screen.

Ever since joining the OTU team I’ve been looking forward to doing this review. Why? Not only is 8 Mile an awesome insight into the hip-hop world back in the mid nineties, but also because it showcases an array of hip-hop talent throughout the picture. You cannot get these on the OST released with the film, these are the tracks from the 90′s when the film was set. 7 years on from the film’s UK release date, I’ve got eleven absolute gems (the other two are essential to cover, but don’t achieve the minimum standard 4 BDK rating) to share with you over the next few minutes of your life and I guarantee they are going to make you feel more complete because of it…

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Right. We're Taking This Twitter Sh*t Seriously.

Yeah, she got your attention.

Right. Admittedly, I’ve been slacking on the Twitter front and it’s been primarily used for keeping followers updated on the moment posts are released. Murray’s been active on his in fairness, and I hope you guys have been keeping up to date with his musings.

As ever, I’m always looking to make things easier. It’s a consequence of laziness. So, instead of hunting around Twitter to find (3/4 of) the writers, as well as the OTU page, I’ve compiled them into one nice, simple list for you. One click, and you’ve got us all. Whilst the OTU_Music account will remain predominantly for the post updates, we promise to make our individual accounts informative, funny and probably controversial. We appreciate that the UK hasn’t really taken to the Twitter thing just yet, but why not start you off with a bit of quality eh?

So, either CLICK HERE or use the button in the left sidebar if you like clicking pictures.

Lost: We Will Be Remaining Spoiler-Free

This video is Sky 1′s official Season 6 promo. It’s really well-made as it contains no spoilers, and is made up of clips from interviews they’ve conducted over the last few weeks.

Those interviews are worth watching, and can be seen here. Be sure to do so, as they’re totally spoiler-free and offer great insight (by the way, Daniel Dae Kim comes across as the nicest guy ever!).

Also, I’m watching Lost on UK schedule, so don’t worry about finding any spoilers or anything on here.

EDIT: Just watched the Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert) interview too, what a nice guy. So pleased he doesn’t wear eyeliner too.

Lupe Fiasco-I'm Beamin' Live

Lupe performs the most recent release from Lasers for the first time in the video here. Shouts to GWHH for grabbing the footage.

Chiddy Bang/MGMT

I’ve only just heard this song moments ago and had to get it up straight away – this is just so good. As you may have noticed yourself, it’s a remix of the MGMT song ‘Kids’.

I will post the audio for this track at a later date (haven’t got hold of it yet).

Ajay-182 Edit: Bringing this back up to the top as I’ve upped the .mp3 for y’all to enjoy.

B.o.B, Asher Roth and Kanye West

Wow. What a trio!

This is only a radio rip from the premiere of this yesterday, but you’ve only got to wait until Monday to get the full version as it will be on B.o.B’s mixtape May 25th. Looking forward to it, as this track sounds pretty good!

B.o.B-F*ck the Money ft. Asher Roth (produced by Kanye West)

EDIT: Go here for the final, high quality, NO DJ version.

R&B Fridays: Episode 33

Similar to last week’s episode, this one contains a nice blend of big names, up-and-comers and some that we (I) haven’t heard from in a while.

We’ve dropped some R&B-related goodies throughout the week too, be sure to scroll down a couple of posts and check out the video for Usher’s lead single from Raymond vs. Raymond. When you’ve done that, scroll back up and enter the R&B room.

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Quick Blast: Chris Brown

Bit of news on Chris Brown: he’s planning on releasing a 32-track mixtape on Valentine’s Day, entitled In My Zone. Apparently, this will contain a mixture of new material and remixes/freestyles and will certainly be worth checking out.

On top of that, the next single scheduled to be released here in the UK from Graffiti is Pass Out, which for those of you who have the album is the track that samples Call on Me.

Usher-Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home) Video

I really do love this track.

The video is superb too, and reminds everyone of how well Usher can move/sing. I’m genuinely smiling after watching that video, ‘cos it’s both a pretty feel-good track and a simple, positive and effective video (and partially ‘cos I’m in a really good mood!). This video could have been way more pretentious, and thankfully it isn’t.

The best part is that Plies has been left off the video/single version, which is the best move of all-time. You can get the Plies-assisted version here, and I’ll get the newer, better version up ASAP.

EDIT- This made me chuckle: A few people have asked me who the lead female is in the video. It’s Noemie Lenoir, so Google away.

Joe Budden-Downfall

When Budden let this loose on Twitter, he called it a ‘special’ track. It won’t be on The Great Escape, but apparently it’s pretty damn good. It’s another J. Cardim production, and they’ve worked well together in the numerous leaks as of late so I’m looking forward to checking this one out.

Joe Budden-Downfall

2010 Wake Up Show Anthem

I literally have no idea what the ‘Wake Up Show’ is, but this is one mega collabo. Some pretty big names involved in this one as you’ll see below, although the track isn’t amazing to be honest. Expected a lot more with some of the talent on show here, but still probably one worth checking out.

Locksmith, Kam Moye, Crooked I, Tech N9ne, Tajai, RZA, Ras Kass, B-Real and DJ Revolution-2010 Wake Up Show Anthem

Chester French-Ciroc Star Video

Chester French drop a video for the Diddy/Jadakiss/Clinton Sparks-assisted track from their debut album. Loads of cameos in this one too, see if you can spot them all!

Quick Blast: Bun B and GLC

Collabo from these two veterans of the game, which I expect will be pretty decent listening.

Bun B and GLC-Happiness Before Riches

Kidz In The Hall-Land of Make Believe

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of this heavily underrated duo, and I can’t wait for this album to drop. The picture here is the official album artwork for the upcoming album, and after the click is the tracklist (with some nice features as per The In Crowd) and a little info on the album.

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DJ Khaled-Put Your Hands Up

Khaled grabs Young Jeezy, Plies and Rick Ross for this album track. Pretty typical mainstream/Southern rap effort on the beat, and I’m only really checking for the Jeezy verse. Plies and Ricky=fail duo.

DJ Khaled-Put Your Hands Up ft. Young Jeezy, Plies and Rick Ross

Ludacris, Rick Ross and Twista

Two heavyweights (literally) join Ludacris on the remix for his popular track How Low. Looking forward to checking the Twista verse, not so much for Ricky.

Ludacris-How Low Remix ft. Twista and Rick Ross

Throwback Thursdays Vol 11

OK, put your hands up if you know 50 Cent. No, not know him, I mean have heard of him. Yeah thought so. All of you. I think even my Mum knows who 50 is. If you don’t you must be a troglodyte.

Anyway, not all of you may know his history or, more importantly, his music before In Da Club.

After the click I’ve got all this exclusively for you. Plus, I’ve carefully handpicked 8 of his best pre-2000 work for your enjoyment.

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Travis McCoy-The Manual

This is the first leak from the upcoming Nappy Boy Allstars Vol. 1 mixtape (for those who don’t know, Nappy Boy is T-Pain’s label). You may recall Travis McCoy, lead vocalist of Gym Class Heroes, signing to Nappy Boy which was an interesting decision.

Haven’t checked this out yet, but this seems to be the first official Nappy Boy material from Travis and will hopefully be really good as I’m a big fan of his rapping ability.

Travis McCoy-The Manual ft. T-Pain and Young Cash

Marley & Me Remix Video

Video for Smoke DZA’s star-studded remix, with Asher Roth and co. Audio can be liberated from here.

The Sunshine Underground-In Your Arms

I know this is pretty very late, but I only came across it a couple of days ago. These guys are one of only a few British indie bands I can actually stand these days, and I’ve got time for this track.

It starts off a bit samey, but as the track progresses it becomes very listenable stuff. Indie fans who haven’t checked these guys out yet should definitely be looking to pick this up. I expect fans of the band probably have this already: for once, we’re not on the ball.

The Sunshine Underground-In Your Arms

Kid Cudi-Cudderisback Video

Visuals for Cudder’s Vampire Weekend-inspired freestyle, which can be found here.

Quickblast: Drake & Young Jeezy

Fans of either artist will really like this. I think the Jeezy verses are old which would suggest this is a ‘blend’, however the track is good – so who cares, right?

It’s Been A Pleasure ft. Young Jeezy

Judah: The Amber Rose Instrumentals

Interesting project this one. I’ll let the email explain itself:

There’s no telling what can happen when you put a woman and a beat together. Leave that to interpretation…no…better yet, leave it to Judah. The capital mind of DC’s forward-thinking producer joins with the UK’s Dub MD to deliver intense tracks of indulgence, “The Amber Rose Instrumentals”. The ‘no-Hennessy necessary’ compilation was inspired by the sultry yet fashion-focused Amber Rose, who is known for her relationship with hip-hop star Kanye West and a body that has the ability to hypnotize minds like the loop of an 808. Judah, whose highly-demanded presence has lined the tracks of noted names like Wale, took a different approach with the rhythms for the Amber Rose trunk of treasure, making this dedication to women a little more raw than the average stroke of the beat.

Judah x Dub MD: The Amber Rose Instrumentals

Anyone But Him Single Version

I made no secret of not particularly enjoying the original version of this. I must say that this version is much improved on first listen, which is just as well for a single choice. I’m also reliably informed that the UK release of this single will not actually feature ‘Ye, but will have a UK rapper instead. I assume/hope they’ll use this new beat.

Mr Hudson-Anyone But Him ft. Kanye West (Single Version)

Sally Anthony/Crooked I

I’m really, really liking this track. I know nothing about Sally Anthony besides that she’s a pop/rock singer and she definitely serves up a very memorable, sombre instrumental for this track. Crooked has taken it upon himself to remix it, and really comes on the kind of conscious and honest tip that I have rarely heard from him. Crook shows that he can switch up his style to something more meaningful, and his lyrics are superb on this. Must-have track for everyone in fairness, I absolutely recommend you all give this a go.

Sally Anthony-Been So Long Remix ft. Crooked I