Unreleased Mobb Deep and The Game

Piles of good music for you today (being posted the night before too!).

Kicking off with two tracks below, neither of which are technically new, but both are unreleased oldies which have recently surfaced. The Mobb Deep track is from the sessions for Hell On Earth, and The Game track is from somewhere around Game’s first two albums but it isn’t confirmed when specifically.

Mobb Deep-Tha World

The Game-Breakin’ Rules ft. Busta Rhymes

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1 comment to Unreleased Mobb Deep and The Game

  • Murray

    Yeah the Mobb joint is dope. Surprised it hasn’t appeared earlier, as since ’95 they have put out numerous LP’s of unreleased shizzle. It features the ‘Infamous Mobb’ and Prodigy’s verse is from ‘Nightime Vultures’… Haven’t heard H’s verse before though…

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