Throwback Thursdays Vol 7

Slick Rick isn’t your conventional hip-hop artist. Firstly he was born in London so possesses a quirky Cockney/American combination accent. As an infant Rick The Ruler was subject to an accident which rendered him blind in one eye so is often seen sporting his characteristic eye patch, and thirdly and finally, Slick holds a great sense of humour evident in his lyrics of which shall be a focus of this week’s throwback.

Slick Rick – Children’s Story

Put this all together and you have a great recipe for success, something which Slick became used to with his first two albums: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick (1988) and The Ruler’s Back (1991) before being incarcerated under numerous charges including attempted murder and assault.

His songs are amongst some of the most heavily sampled and covered (Snoop & Game to name a few) hip-hop tracks ever and this week’s throwback is one of those; Although Children’s Story on first listen comes across as a jovial ‘bedtime story’, it is actually a tragic 4 minute long jaunt about the condemnation of violence and greed. Here we see Rick portray his famed story-telling attributes like no other; his buoyant flow bounces over what can only be described as maracas (I’m sure you played some at pre-school) and the occasional yet unmissable deep piano chords.

The video couldn’t create more of a contrast with the subject matter of the song itself. The majority of it is black and white, slapstick heavy Charlie Chaplin style with Rick running away from a collection of bundling police officers. It is an unusual stance taken by Slick Rick, but as I said at the start of this review, he is no ordinary hip-hop artist.

Happy New Year all.

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

Possessing strong ties with Irv Gotti and Puff in the mid nineties, his album which dropped in 1995 was, even then, considered underground. The track I’m going to review next week is more an education in the history of Jay-Z, Ja Rule and DMX who featured on his album as then unknown artists.

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