Throwback Thursdays Vol 6

Many people first heard B.I.G. with his opening verse on Craig Mack’s Flava In Ya Ear Remix. However, over a year before his feature, he dropped his first solo track Party and Bullshit which surfaced on the Who’s The Man? Soundtrack in 1993.

Notorious B.I.G.-Party and Bullshit

This is an essential B.I.G. track because it offers something quite different to what we became accustomed to. Behind the boards sees a high tempo, old school club joint and like many of the beats around the time, hard hitting sirens and undemanding drum loops provide a solid base for the vocals. This gives B.I.G. the opportunity to lay down some pacey rhymes, perfectly lacing the backdrop for which Tupac famously admired him for.

The chorus itself is repetition heavy but instead of criticising its simplicity, I prefer to imagine B.I.G. spending a few minutes writing the rhymes with puff jumping into the studio, scrambling up a beat then forcing out a chorus out of necessity. Freestyle-esq and street hip-hop at it’s finest.

The video itself is nothing to get too excited about which is why I haven’t posted it up. For those who are interested it represents an early life at Bad Boy where a low budget, black and white video was the up-most limits puff and his new-born label could dream of.

Highlight of song:

“…and a fucking fight broke out!”

*ruckus *

“Yo chill man, YO CHILL!”

“Can’t we just all get along!?…”

Party and Bullshit represents a young B.I.G. yet showing all the signs of the swagger we grew to love. As it was never an album track, it is a track which is often slept on so if you’re a true B.I.G. fan then make sure you pick this up today and make your collection complete. (Oh yeah, you’ll need to grab B.I.G.’s Madison Square Garden Freestyle I posted last week too).

Murray’s BDK Rating:ger

Up Next Week…

Ever feel like the term ‘underrated’ gets thrown around a lot on this site?

Well up next week is an artist who is an extremely good rapper and lyricist, yet is often overlooked when it comes to naming the G.O.A.T’s. There we go. I didn’t say it.

He is, like B.I.G., one of the finest storytellers the genre has seen. Born in London yet moved to NY when he was 10, giving him a unique voice recognisable across the industry. After many years under the radar has recently appeared on Raekwon’s OB4CL2. I’m sure many of you know this one already…

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