Throwback Thursdays Vol 5

This kid amazes me. Shyheim forms this week’s Thursday Throwback and is a little bit more underground that what you have been used to over the last few volumes. He was 14 when his debut LP AKA The Rugged Child dropped. Yes, 14. Growing up he lived with Ghostface and quickly became the Wu’s youngest affiliate.

Shyheim-On and On (AKA The Rugged Child)

On and On is my favourite Shy joint. Like many of my reviews, a simple stripped out East Coast beat lays the foundation for some incredible lyricism. How does a kid his age manage to portray such dark, street-ready rhymes with such a word-perfect flow? Guess that’s what living with Ghost does to you…

I mentioned this freestyle last week, so in addition to On and On grab yourself two goodies today with the Madison Square Garden Freestyle which contains famous freestyles from BIG, Pac and Big Daddy Kane. Although Shy recycles his verse from his recorded material, he manages to go toe to toe with the powerhouses of the industry at the time.

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The solo debut track from one of the G.O.A.T. Don’t miss it.

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