Throwback Thursdays Vol 3


In true Christmas spirit, if you guessed this week’s throwback then give yourself a treat here.

Now onto business. Yes, this week’s throwback is the underrated AZ hailing from Brooklyn NY.

The gems I’ve carefully selected for you are from his debut album Doe or Die which, in my opinion, was heavily slept on due to the quality of other releases hitting the shelves in 1995. I’ve picked out two of my favourites to make sure you’re not the one sleeping on AZ this time around.

AZ-Ho Happy Jackie (Doe or Die)

Ho Happy Jackie, produced by Buckwild, is a chilled out summer joint and but for the lyrics you would be mistaken in thinking it was a jolly stroll-in-the-park kinda joint. The track is one of the many highlights of the album and AZ goes in by warning men of the seductive yet destructive powers women have:

“Whoever thought that, that sweet thing born model material
That hated hot cereal, could grow to be a high silly hoe
Really though it’s a shame for this damn thing
Cuz everything’s brand name, when will she get enough of these damn games?
Struttin’ wit her unbuttoned blouse like it ain’t nuttin’
Draggin’ her wagon, knowin’ fellas be flaggin’ & frontin”

AZ-I Feel For You (Doe or Die)

Next up is I Feel For You. A fast paced yet mellow track with female vocals giving a real soul feeling to this number. I’ve had comments that this gives the track a repetitive feel, but for me it really drills down the emotion of the song and AZ comes in on point once again; his smooth vocals glide effortlessly and you find the track is over before you knew it had even began. Repeat? Yes please.

“So knowledge me, and analyse all of my qualities
You’ve crossed all apologies, my lifetime policy
Plus playin for keeps in these New York streets
It get deep so hold heat, and try and control your sleep
Cos umm, the life I live is deeper than the Mississippi Rivers
Me and my niggas only drivin what a ride give us
Puffin lye, gettin high til we die
So fuck it, whatever nigga try, violate and fry.”

Up Next Week…

He began his career in 1986 as a member of the Juice Crew and is considered one of the most influential and skilled MCs in Hip Hop ever…

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