The Catch-Up

As I posted earlier this week, there has been a build-up of tracks in my library that I simply haven’t had the time to post over the last 2 weeks. Well, this is the final clearout from the last 2 days, after which I’m back on sentry duty and posting it on the minute I get it. This is a pretty nice collection too, with Drake, Sadé (that’s right!), Rev Run (that’s right!), Wale and more making appearances.

Drake-Runaway Girl ft. Colin Munroe
-Drake fans will remember this from a few weeks ago. This is the final version, although it won’t be featured on Thank Me Later. Shame, as it’s a really good track.

Trey Songz-Say Aah Remix ft. Young Jeezy
-Another rapper takes a spin on Trey’s track, this time Jeezy giving it some bars. Must say that I quite like this version, and Jeezy does fit these sort of tracks pretty well. Probably the best Say Aah remix thus far.

Sade-Soldier of Love
-I don’t really know how many of you are wise to Sade’s music, but she is/they are kind of a big deal. This is the new single from the Soldier of Love album, due to drop early next year. This is some real chilled out, alternative soul that music fans after something a little different should grab. That’s why you’re here isn’t it?
(Some of you might need a little more encouragement, so click here to grab the Maino remix to this cut)

Jim Jones-Wishing On A Sucker MC ft. Rev Run
-What an utterly bizarre collabo. Good samples used, and a pretty nice production all over to be fair, with some pretty nice drum work. Jimmy does his thing on this, but what you really want to know is about Rev Run I’m guessing: It’s a pretty decent verse to be fair, and this is a very likeable track.

Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah-Meth vs. Chef pt 2
-NICE. From the upcoming Wu Massacre album from this trio, this is a nice back-and-forth from Rae and Meth which Wu fans can’t really afford to miss. The beat is nice, and adds a classic feel to the track.

Red Cafe-I’m Ill ft. Fabolous
-Another nice production (albeit a slightly annoying Jay-Z sampled hook), Red Cafe lets some nice flow over out this one. Fab always delivers on his guest spots and this is no different.

Wale-Say Something Freestyle
-Closing things off with a new freestyle from Wale. I have no idea why so many rappers are keen on this track/instrumental, and I really can’t get into it. I know there are fans out there of it though, and as Wale’s raps never disappoint this is still worth getting.

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