Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Lloyd Banks/Mobb Deep

To quote Joe Budden, “I think Banks was dope and then he fell the fuck off and then he got right back up.” The track I’ve chosen for today is actually from during the period where “he fell the fuck off”.

One of the very few decent tracks from his sophomore album, Rotten Apple, Banks enlisted fellow G-Unit label mates Mobb Deep on this track to great effect.

The production talents of Havoc, along with Prodigy’s lyrical grittiness are a perfect compliment to Banks’ own style. Mobb Deep fans in particular should definitely get the track below, as well as those who love New York Hip Hop.

Get Clapped ft. Mobb Deep

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1 comment to Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Lloyd Banks/Mobb Deep

  • Murray

    Yeah probably my favourite off Rotton Apple. Hav’s production is on point as usual and I agree banks’ vocals flow well. This was recorded in P’s weakest lyrical spell 2002-2006, so I always remember feeling disappointed with his verse. I seem to remember he was also below par in the title track with 50, but I’m glad he has since stepped his game up (Return of the Mac/HNIC2/Product of the 80′s) before getting locked up.

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