R&B Fridays: Episode 26

Plenty of music this week from a nice mixture of current mainstream artists, and future stars. Keeping it varied with the styles too, as there’s some slower stuff and some of a higher tempo, there’s something for everyone after the click.

Chris Brown-Movie
-One of 2 bonus tracks from Graffiti I’ve got for you this week, this is a slow jam throughout which Chris’ vocals are really similar to Trey Songz’s style. High praise indeed, and it’s a decent track.

Nathan-Caught Me Slippin’ Ft. Flo Rida
-Another UK singer grabs Flo Rida for an uptempo track. This isn’t too bad to be fair, and I like the production and the hook. The verses are a little empty, but you can’t have it all.

Christina Milian-This Boy ft. Pitbull
-Another club track, and one which is a bit hit and miss. The verses are ok, and the production is good, but it all builds to an anti-climactic chorus. It feels like a bit of a waste of a production which could have been such a big hit.

Alicia Keys-Pray For Forgiveness
-As with Chris Brown’s Graffiti, this is 1 of 2 bonus tracks from Keys’ Element of Freedom this week. This is classic Alicia Keys, keeping things simple and raw with just her voice and piano and building into a string backing. Really good track.

Jason Derulo-Fairytale
-A really, really good production which is unfortunately a little bit marred by the unnecessary addition of AutoTune. The chorus isn’t bad either but it leaves me with such a bitter taste that a superb production like this is recorded with an annoying (and dying) trend. You can sing Derulo, stop wasting your talent!

Lloyd-Everyday ft. Rich Boy
-Some of you will remember me massively praising Lloyd’s Beautiful, and this is the final version of that song. It’s made even better by the fact it’s in high quality and fully mastered-an incredible achievement. Why is Rich Boy on this track though? The dude who dropped this track doesn’t strike me as the obvious choice for this. His verse isn’t too bad though to be fair, and it doesn’t ruin the track (nor does it add a great deal…).

Chris Brown-Chase Our Love
-Very much liking this. Chris has always shone on more uptempo beats, and this is a prime example. It’s got some slower parts too which demonstrate the boy’s ability, but the general high-paced thematic is one which suits him very well.
I haven’t listened to the whole of Graffiti yet, but it’s ridiculous how critics are panning the album for not being ‘apologetic enough’ and labelling it as poor without giving it a sniff of a chance. Why would he release an album that points more attention to a topic that he’s getting professional help for? At the end of the day, he’s an entertainer. Judge the album on the body of work, not his personal life. Piss poor journalism.

Kevin Cossom-What About Tonight
-KC keeps up his end of the bargain and keeps this really strong R&B Friday rolling on. Very unexpected sample, but it works for the drums. Good track all-round.

Akon-Rock ft. Filapine
-Umm, OK. Sampling We Will Rock You? Odd. However, Akon’s shouty vocals actually work on this quite well and it’s a surprisingly listenable track. Dunno who/what Filapine is though.

Karina Pasian-Perfectly Different
-Karina has been disappointingly quiet, but is forgiven as I’m told she’s working on her album. This is set to be a single from that album, and is a fantastic display of her talents. It’s got an Alicia Keys feel to it, but she certainly makes it her own with her vocal range. This is genuinely a really good, minimal track which can hopefully be a really big breakout hit.

Rock City-Take Her Home
-Another quality track, with Rock City once again switching from hip-hop to R&B. I love their infusion of a reggae vibe into both their production and vocals, and this is a really enjoyable listen. It’s a nice mix of uptempo and mid-tempo, with a bit of a bittersweet edge to the lyrics. Worth grabbing.

Alicia Keys-Through It All
-The other bonus track is every bit as good as the first. Alicia takes on a range of notes throughout the track, and creates a memorable hook and production. Another good job by her, and I’m looking forward to listening to the album if the bonus tracks are this good!

J. Holiday-Stop Actin’
-Closing things off with a nice jam from J. Holiday. It has a slight hip-hop edge, with the storytelling and slow delivery throughout. This one is all about the songwriting, and it’s a good effort.

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