Benzi x Mick Boogie x D Star-Motivation 3, Hosted by Mike Posner

This is a definite must-have for fans of electro, dance, uptempo and even dubstep music. This is a 53-track (!) mixtape made up of short tracks (only 2/3 are over 2mins long) which are mainly comprised of electro remixes of hip-hop tracks. There is a lot of variety though, with artists ranging from Wiley, Trey Songz and Crookers to Drake, La Roux, Rusko and many more.

Definitely something worth throwing on in a party rotation. If you’re using it for that purpose, you can actually download the whole thing as one long track, which is probably the best way to listen to it. For those of you who want it seperated, that version is below too.

Motivation 3-Single .mp3 file

Motivation 3-Seperated tracks

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