A Herd of Tracks

That’s what it is. 6 tracks I’ve collected over the last few days from a range of acts after the click. Mostly big names in this one, so be sure to grab this stuff, as it’s all pretty good too.

Kidz In The Hall-We Gone

-Another track from their upcoming mixtape, this one has some strong verses throughout. Naledge comes through well, but admittedly the hook is a little bit disappointing. Nice beat though.

Wale-Diary ft. Marsha Ambrosius (Acoustic)
-This actually surfaced about a week ago, but I never got around to getting in on here. It’s a really great version of one of the stronger tracks from Attention: Deficit (I promise, the review is coming soon!) and well worth grabbing.

Kid Sister-Down Azz Jawn
-Something slightly slower from Kid Sister. The bonus track from Ultraviolet has still got the electro-hop vibe, but leans more toward the hip-hop side of things. It’s a good track all-round, with some strong production and nice flows from Kid Sister.

Alicia Keys-Unthinkable (I’m Ready) ft. Drake
-Very, very likeable track from Alicia. Easily one of the strongest I’ve heard from her album thus far, and Drake’s background vocals (no guest verse on this one) add to the wistful, slightly haunting atmosphere created by the production. Alicia’s singing is great as always on the verses and the chorus, and this is genuinely a fantastic song which will be in my rotation for some time.

Sean Falyon-Attention ft. Lloyd
-Don’t really know anything about Falyon, but this is a decent track. His verses are good although his delivery take a little getting used to. The production is good and has a nice old-school flavour, whilst Lloyd’s hook is superb as always. Definitely the highlight of the track.

DJ Kay Slay-Thug Luv ft. Maino, Papoose, Red Cafe and Ray J
-Another posse cut from Kay Slay, this time roping in 3 Brooklyn natives for the track. Maino opens the track with a really well-delivered verse, Papoose does his thing in second and Red Cafe does well on clean up duty. Ray J’s hook is OK, nothing too special.

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