Underground Hip-Hop Part 8

The latest instalment of everyone’s favourite hip-hop series is back. Once again, we give some new artists the spotlight to deliver some nice slices of fresh hip-hop. There are of course some familiar names too, so go ahead and hit that click.

Chiddy Bang-Decline
-Really feeling this slice of alternative hip-hop. I stumbled across these guys thanks to the wonders of Last.fm, and this track is great. They’ve got similarities to a wide range of artists, from Pac Div to Kid Cudi. This particular track has a great beat, and the raps are fairly tight too.

Big Wayde-What Have They Done
-Really liking this too, and it’s another track on the alternative side of hip-hop. The production is very unique, and flickers between a windy bass and an indie-esque chorus. Big Wayde will unfortunately draw lazy comparisons with Rick Ross for the sound of his husky voice, but his delivery and content are definitely different.

Sir Aah-Muhammad Ali Pt. 2
-An enjoyable short freestyle over Ludacris’ The Potion, Aah flows nicely over this Timbaland production. Worth picking up for a short blast of good rapping.

Kam Moye-Hello Karma ft. Phonte & Ayah
-UGHH favourite Kam Moye comes through with a track from his Splitting Image album. It’s got a great chilled production, which pushes the lyrics forward and doesn’t get in the way too much.

Fred Knuxx-Lock N Load
-Newcomer Fred Knuxx drops something pretty hard here, with a heavy-hitting production tying nicely into his gritty raps. Hip-hop fans after something a little raw will enjoy this.

Big Wayde-Road To Success
-Another dope track from Wayde, this one coming with a real uplifting message and atmosphere. It’s got a very simple but enjoyable production which seems to fit Wayde very well. Definitely liking this track.

Tech N9ne-Demons Ft. Three 6 Mafia
-An unexpected collaboration, but one that works quite well. The track has that dark, eerie, classic Tech N9ne feel about it and Three 6 Mafia fit in well. The ominous verses build into a superb chorus, and it’s a superb example of atmospheric production.

SoulStice-Strange Kinda Love
-Mixing up the content here. SoulStice takes on a topic that is rarely touched on, and much respect to him for doing so. To quote SoulStice himself: “As a Black man in America that’s also part of an interracial marriage, I’ve experienced my share of prejudice and bigotry. We’ve come far on issues of race, but still have a ways to go. However, at this stage in the game, I feel like we’ve got even farther to go on issues relating to same-sex relationships and marriages. Love is love…we should have gotten that, if nothing else, from the musical legacies of artists like Michael and Stevie. It’s not a “safe” move for a hip hop artist to show this kind of support for the GLBT community. But as an artist, I feel like it’s my job to challenge the status quo, not just play into it or step around it. To me, being revolutionary means fighting not just for you and yours but for any community suffering injustice”.

Definitely got all the time in the world for an artist looking to push the envelope a little, and much respect for having the courage to do so for a community he isn’t even a part of.

Swollen Members-Kyla
-Finishing off with another slice of raw, gritty hip-hop. The raps here are on point and come hard, all over an unobtrusive yet very likeable production.

S-Preme-Go Hard
-Great production, and really nice flow on this track. Shouts to GWHH for this gem, which definitely is worth picking up for hip-hop fans. The production is uptempo, with S-Preme taking on the beat with ease and delivering some nice raps.

Freeway-Cleaning Out The Closet Ft. Jakk Frost
-Closing things off with Freeway’s version of the Eminem classic. Taken from Free’s upcoming Freelapse mixtape, this is a pretty nice take on the track, and Jakk Frost’s contribution is pretty good too.

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