Throwback Thursdays Vol 2

I hope you enjoyed our first Thursday Throwback last week. If you missed it then sort your life out here.

If you didn’t guess this week’s throwback then take a long hard look at yourself here.

Housekeeping over, it’s time to get into this week’s classic…

Nas-Halftime (Illmatic)

This week’s throwback belongs to Nasty Nas himself coming hard with Halftime off his undoubted classic Illmatic

The track actually first debuted on the 1992 ‘Zebrahead’ soundtrack but if you’ve got Illmatic (heads out there I hope you have!) then the first thing you will notice about this joint is it’s novelly situated at number 5 on a 10 track CD. Nice touch Nas.

The second thing you will notice about this track is that it blows your head off. I’m talking sawn-off shotgun to the face kinda blowing your head off. The beat is melodic and funky yet the drums are heavy enough to reflect that classic ‘stripped out’ East Coast 90′s style we love. The baseline then sinks away into the background to let Nasir Jones take centre stage. If you can get past the amazing multis without re-listening 20 times, pay special attention to Nas’ third verse where he proves just why he’s one of the G.O.A.T.

The video itself was shot in the illustrious Queensbridge projects where Nas was born and raised. Nas barely shows his full face; whether this is down to his insecurity in front of camera for the first time (What were you doing at 18?) or how he would rather be remembered for his music rather than imposing persona I guess we will never know. Although knowing Nas, I’m going to roll with the latter.

Once you’ve watched the video and realised you can’t live your life without this track, click here.

Next week…

In keeping with the theme of the website, up next week is one of the most heavily underrated emcees of his generation. He was the only rapper to appear on Nas’ debut and it is a common misconception that he too is a Queensbridge native…

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