Some (Very) Brief Album Reviews

Firstly, apologies for the quiet day on here. I’m having some issues with the back-end of things, and it’s going a lot slower than usual. Hopefully, normal service will resume in the next hour or so.

Right, onto this post: I get through a lot of albums weekly, and unfortunately just don’t have the time to do as many reviews as I’d like. They take a huge amount of time, which is pretty hard to come by. Don’t fret though, as I will have some coming up very soon (the assignments are nearly done!) and to tie you over I’ve written some mini-reviews on albums I’ve given a spin recently. Click below to swarm yourself in my warped opinions.

50 Cent-Before I Self Destruct
-Very good stuff. Really liking this from top to bottom, and I genuinely think it’s a shame that this had such poor sales as it’s 50′s best body of work since his debut. He promised gritty, aggressive content and that’s exactly what we got.

30 Seconds to Mars-This Is War
-Good grief, this is a top album. I haven’t got any of their previous albums, and only really checked this out as I was after the Kanye-featured track. It’s a superb piece of alternative music, which has variety and atmosphere in abundance. Possible full review coming soon.

Wale-Attention: Deficit
-As far as debut albums go, this is a good effort. I have to admit I’d hoped for a little more, but maybe that’s loosely based on the standard Cudi went and set. It’s got some outstanding tracks, but a couple of tracks that aren’t on the level of some of the tracks that got cut from the album. Definite full review coming soon.

Wiz Khalifa-Burn After Rolling
-Similar to the above, there were some tracks I wasn’t feeling a great deal, and others I just loved. I might be a little harsh here, as I’ve only given it one spin and while it didn’t grab me as the classic mixtape I’d hoped it would be, it’s still one of the best this year.

John Mayer-Battle Studies
-Absolutely cracking album. I didn’t think he’d be able to get close to the quality of his incredible 2006 album Continuum, but with every listen this album draws closer to it. He’s always been one of those artists I kept meaning to check out, and I’m glad I did. Great album, one of the best this year.

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