R&B Fridays (on Saturday): Episode 24

My bad, things got a bit out of schedule yesterday and I didn’t get time to put this up. Ah well, it’s here now. Usher and R. Kelly headline this episode, and with Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Jason Derulo and more following up, you know this a good episode. Big names and big tracks after the click.

Trey Songz-Say Aah Remix Ft. Busta Rhymes

-Trey’s club banger gets a verse from Busta, and it’s a decent addition. Great track regardless of who takes the guest spot to be honest.

J. Holiday-You Don’t Know
-A very soul-esque jam from J. Holiday, which suits him just fine. The production is minimal, and his voice does all the work on this. Decent effort.

Alicia Keys-Empire State of Mind Part 2
-Alicia Keys records a solo version of the global smash for her upcoming album, and makes the track listenable without imagining Lil’ Mama popping up in your bedroom. Finally.

Usher-In My Bag Ft. T.I.
-This hasn’t fully grown on me yet, but I like the beat. Usher’s contribution is a little bit too hip-hop esque for this sort of beat, but it’s a potential grower.

Verse Simmonds-Buy You A Round (Remix) Ft. Jim Jones, Jermaine Dupri, OJ Da Juiceman, Juvenile & The Game
-The 2nd remix (1st is here) of this that I’ve posted this week is definitely the better one. Some big names line up on this one, with a few of them dropping decent verses. Definitely worth grabbing for fans of the original/club music.

-An odd one. The chorus and production are good and clear, but the verses are poorly mastered and it’s quite difficult to make them out. This would definitely be a really good track if that was sorted though.

R. Kelly-Crazy Night ft. Rock City
-Another one I’m a bit unsure on. I like the chorus, and always enjoy Rock City features, but Kels has gone for AutoTune again which annoys me greatly.

-Kelis releases her new single, with a David Guetta assist on the production. The beat does dominate this track a little, which is OK in this instance as it’s a half-decent dance beat.

Ne-Yo-That’s Entertainment
-Enjoying this track, with Ne-Yo taking on some notes that he doesn’t usually sing. The production is good too, with lashings of guitar thrown in effectively.

Usher-Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) Ft. Plies
-Really liking this track. Sounds like some of the better material from Here I Stand, and is an all-around good track. Usher’s always got great vocals, and brings good verses with a catchy hook here. The production fits well, and whilst I don’t really feel Plies anymore after this incident, his contribution is bearable.

R. Kelly-Pregnant ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream
-Look at the friggin’ line-up! The track doesn’t disappoint in the slightest, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from this dream team: slow, baby-making music with great vocals. Really good track with great contributions from all of them, and I’ll be listening to this for some time.

Jason Derulo-In My Head
-This is expected to be the official 2nd single from Derulo’s debut album, and it’s a very good choice. The track is very well-produced, with a great shift for the chorus. Derulo takes it on well, and delivers good vocals with a big hook.

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