R&B Fridays: Episode 23

A very different line-up this week to what we’re normally used to, but still bringing the R&B goodness. There’s an entirely free 14-track EP from the acclaimed Kevin Cossom in there too, so be sure to click on.

Rock City-Jammin’
-Rock City demonstrate their versatility with a pop/R&B crossover track here, and do an OK job. It’s definitely got a memorable chorus, and I expect fans of these posts will enjoy this.

Jay Sean-Eternity
-Little bit undecided on this. This track definitely displayed Jay Sean’s much-improved singing, but I’m finding it tough to get into as an all-round track. It’s very much more towards the pop side of things than R&B, but like the above track it should go down well with R&B Friday regulars (you know who you are).

Riz-Under The Moonlight (Twilight)
-The dissapointingly-quiet Riz drops this track, which is rumoured to be on the 3rd film in the Twilight saga (haven’t they only just released the 2nd!?). Anyway, although I’m not into the whole Twilight thing (predominantly because I’m not a hormonal teenage girl), they seem to have good soundtracks and this track is no exception. Riz’s vocals are good, and the production is a likeable mix of chilled and futuristic.

Nicole Scherzinger-Zoo
-The centrepiece of the Pussycat Dolls drops this likeable solo effort, produced by Timbaland. It doesn’t sound totally finished to me, and I expect that the finished version could end up being a bit of a club favourite.

Lloyd-Fly Away
-Lloyd drops yet another nice track, this time coming a little slower and more airy than recent tracks. Slow or fast, Lloyd always delivers consistently good material and this is no exception. I can’t quite grasp how so many people still sleep on Lloyd, the dude is so good at what he does. Who else is really going to make this fairly basic production sound good?

Jennifer Lopez-Louboutins
-Despite a louboutin sounding like a severely-disabled troll, this is a decent mid-tempo track from J-Lo, with some potential to be a decent hit. There’s talk that this is going to be the single from her upcoming album Love, and it’s definitely got growing pootential. Catchy hook, and decent production.

James Fauntleroy-Stop Me
-Fauntleroy is a man of mystery. He’s a prominent and respected songwriter, and every so often he leaks some ridiculously good tracks and then just disappears. This is a decent effort, although it sounds like it might be a reference track for Timbaland. Wrong or right, the production is good (also Timbaland) and the track is decent.

Timbaland-Crazy Girl Ft. Justin Timberlake
-Makes sense to drop a Timbaland track. This isn’t going to be on Shock Value 2, and probably just as well as much like the previously-leaked collab from these two it’s a little bit disappointing. JT definitely saves the track with a half-decent hook, but as I said about the aforementioned track it’s not a scratch on their past work.

Kevin Cossom-My Ex Ft. Joe Budden
-Budden in R&B Friday? Indeed. This is a well-written track from Cossom’s Hook Vs Bridge EP (which you can pick up here) that is definitely likeable and will continue to grow on me. The production is fairly simple on the verses, and it definitely brings the good writing out. Joey’s verse/flow is great as always, and it would be good to see him on these kind of features more regularly. There are some good tracks on the EP I mentioned above too, be sure to pick that up.

Dirty Money-Hurt Ft. Drake
-Some of you may remember my praise for a Drake track called Hurt earlier. Turns out, it’s a Dirty Money track and that good singing was…Diddy!? Not sure how to react to that, but my opinions remain from the original and Diddy and his crew have made a very good track here. This is the final version, which has a few production touch-ups, differences with verses and is much better quality. Glad to hear this track finalised, and it’s definitely worth grabbing.

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