R&B Fridays: Episode 22

It’s late, but it’s here. This episode is stacked too, yet another contender for the best yet. Artists? Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett and more. Number of tracks? Seventeen. Yeah, seventeen.


-Up and comer Francisco drops one of the best tracks in this episode. All of his best tracks seem to be in that difficult-to-master midtempo range, and this is no different. It’s a decent production, which Francisco does a superb job on. Definitely pick this up, as he doesn’t sound like many other artists around right now.

Beyoncé-Sweet Dreams (Live/Acoustic)
-Beyoncé makes her second appearance of the day. This is a great live version of her track, and really changes the perspective from which it was originally made. It’s a slower version which really demonstrates the quality of Beyoncé’s voice.

Sean Garrett-I Needed You
-The first of 2 Sean Garrett tracks this week, and he goes a long way to showing he can reproduce the kind of quality he showed on his debut album. This track is actually a demo for Chris Brown, and it will be interesting to hear his version. This is a really slow, emotional, heartfelt track which is well delivered by Garrett.

Boyz II Men-Time After Time
–These guys drop another cover, this time of the classic Cyndi Lauper track. It’s definitely a likeable track, and demonstrates the quality they all have. Much like the original, the best part is the chorus. The production is a bit minimal though, and it’s not a scratch on the phenomenal Quietdrive version.

-This is a very, very interesting track. Ne-Yo delivers an alternative version of Trey Songz’s classic Can’t Help But Wait. It’s unclear whether this is a new track or the original demo from when Trey originally recorded it but either way it’s very good. I think Trey’s version edges it, but not by a great deal and this is certainly a superb track.

Marques Houston-Get To The Point Ft. Tank
-A slow jam from this combination, and a decent one. The production is kept simple, and these guys are allowed to let their lyrics and voices shine.

Diamond-Feels Good Ft. Lloyd
-No idea who Diamond is, but she’s definitely got the right person to deliver this hook. Lloyd does a great job on this, and definitely holds the track together. Diamond’s verses are OK, but the track would be nothing without the superb chorus.

Rihanna-Cold Case Love
-Easily the best track from the Rated R leaks thus far. Written by Justin Timberlake (and almost obviously so, you can practically hear him singing it) it’s a progressive piece which is much more suited to Rihanna than the other weird tracks she’s put out recently. The climax point around the end of the third verse is great too, and I’m a very big fan of this track.

Jason Derulo-Supernova
-Not to be confused with the Mr. Hudson track of the same name, Derulo comes through with an uptempo jam that could be a decent follow up to his debut single. It’s got growing potential, which is a good sign given that I already like it. Possible club smash.

Casely-All Day
-A decent effort from Casely, although not quite as good as his previously leaked effort. This track doesn’t really get going until the chorus, although that chorus is very likeable. It’s a good production too.

Chris Brown-Sing Like Me
-The expected 3rd single from Graffiti is a decent one. It shares similarities with Crawl, although it isn’t quite as slow and is a more positive effort. Definitely a good track, which is very well written.

London-2 Girls 1 Heart
-Newcomer London delivers an enjoyable slice of R&B here. The production is a little bit unexpected, as the sharp drums wouldn’t be what I’d go for with this melody, but it just about works. The key to this song is that the transitions between verse and chorus are smooth, and makes it an enjoyable track all-round.

Sean Garrett-Throw Me To The Wind
-The 2nd Sean Garrett song is a slow jam which has a really enjoyable production. The chorus is fantastic, and is probably the opposite of the above track as the track jumps up a gear for the chorus. My only criticism is that Garrett’s opening verse is very difficult to understand. However, this track is unfinished, as most of the verses are left empty, so hopefully this will be sorted for the final.

Mary J. Blige-I Am
-It’s funny, but before R&B Fridays I wasn’t really into her music, yet now she keeps delivering great stuff. This is a good track which will grab you right away and definitely has Mary singing at her best.

Ne-Yo-I Already Know
-A very-well written track here, with a bit of an odd production. Lyrically, this is great stuff from Ne-Yo and his delivery is on point as ever. I’m just not into this production, although it may grow on me as I’ll be playing this song for the quality of the songwriting.

Huey-I Go Crazy Ft. Colby O’Donis
-This could have probably gone into an uptempo track post, but it didn’t. Really enjoying this track, and Colby’s chorus is very good. Huey’s flow is pretty decent on the verses, although as expected he doesn’t really do a great deal lyrically. The production is pretty good too, with a bit of a rock melody  meshed with an urban beat. Definitely worth grabbing, and a track I’ll be playing for a while.

Craig David-Cool With You
-New Craig David, and very enjoyable stuff. Timbaland delivers the production on this, and brings some old school Timbaland style, with the Asian-influenced beat. Not sure what the plans are for this track, but it could be a big hit for him should he choose to release it.

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