R&B Fridays: Episode 21

Lots and lots of music for you in here today. Today’s edition is spearheaded by Lloyd and Johnta Austin delivering some real quantity and quality, with Johnta providing 5 tracks alone. There is of course more, including Trey Songz, Justin Bieber and others.

Guide your mouse to the red line, and feast on the delights within.

Lloyd-Take It Off Ft. J.Holiday and Nicki Minaj
-We originally delivered this track a couple of weeks ago, minus Nicki. This is the final version, and her addition is a good one with some nice backing vocals (I didn’t know she could sing?) and a likeable verse thrown into the mix.

Johnta Austin-Into You
-Textbook Johnta here, with a smooth jam which doesn’t disappoint lyrically and has a simple but effective beat. Definitely a really enjoyable track for fans of good R&B to pick up.

Jay Sean-Do You
-Not to be confused with Do You Remember?, this is a decent track. It is unfortunately only a preview version, and hence has some DJ drops on it, but it’s still worth picking up as it sounds like it should turn out pretty well. Nice chorus on this.

Johnta Austin-Sick Love
-A more elaborate production than the other Johnta track above, and another great track. This one is much more chorus-heavy, and is a very likeable track which is well performed.

Jamie Foxx-Speak French Ft. Gucci Mane
-Taken from Jamie’s upcoming album (as yet untitled, due for 2010), this track features the inescapable Gucci Mane. The production is a little bit odd on this, but strikes me as something that might grow on me. It’s definitely got potential to be a big hit.

Lloyd-Like Me Ft. Bun B
-Those of you with a good memory may remember Like Me from all the way back in August. Here we’ve got the version that will be featured on Lloyd’s upcoming Like Me: The Young Goldie EP, along with the track at the top of this post. As commented previously, I’m really liking this track all-round and Bun B’s addition is a good one.

Johnta Austin-Can’t Have It Both Ways
-The production on this is great, and the production has similarities to Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. Johnta’s vocals are superb too, and this is a very well-rounded track. The chorus is on point, and the lyrics are very memorable. Very strong track.

Mary J. Blige-Hood Love Ft. Trey Songz
-Really good collaborative joint from these two, and it’s superb to see Trey getting on collabos with such esteemed singers. Trey’s part is definitely the highlight of this track, both in the first verse and the choruses throughout. Definitely worth picking up.

Johnta Austin-We Gon Last
-Similar to Into You, this is a relaxed affair which is great to mellow out with. It’s funny how Johnta can keep his tracks so simple but they always sound great. Release an album Johnta!

Justin Bieber-Favourite Girl
-The young lad comes through with another decent track. Much like the track we posted from him here, it’s another positive sign that the boy is on the right track in his career. This track is very chorus heavy, and my only criticism is that unlike One Less Lonely Girl, he sounds his age on this track. However, it’s still an unbelievable effort for such a young kid. Good work.

Krys Ivory-Mr. Maybe
-This is much better than her other recent material. The production is nice (and possibly by Ryan Leslie, it sounds like one of his beats) and her vocals are OK. The chorus is catchy and this could be a hit for Krys Ivory.

Lloyd-She’s Holding Out
-Not sure whether this is set to be on the aforementioned EP, but it’s a good track nonetheless. The hip-hop beat suits Lloyd really well, and he adjusts his voice with ease. It’s something a little bit different from Lloyd in terms of the production style, but really enjoyable and possibly a direction he should pursue further.

Johnta Austin-Angel
-Seems only right to close off with another Johnta track. Boasting another top class production, Johnta really shines on this track with his progressive vocals. He’s got a knack of always delivering great choruses and continues that trend here, whilst keeping the verses good too. Superb track, and really worth picking up for anyone reading this.

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