New Drake and Kanye West

And the goods just keep on coming. This has got to be one of the biggest days for mainstream music in recent times. 3 new Drake tracks and 1 from Kanye after the click.

Kanye West-I’m So Appalled

-It’s not clear where this is from. It could either be an unused track from a past album/feature, or something new in terms of a new album/feature that is unfinished. Either way, it’s pretty good to hear Kanye doing some simple rapping and it’s worth grabbing just in case it is a precursor to future work. It’s actually pretty decent, and he drops some nice lines in it too.

Drake-Hurt, Scriptures and Runaway Girl Ft. Colin Munroe
-I’ve saved everyone some time and put all 3 tracks into a .zip file, as I expect Drake fans would grab all 3 anyway.

Hurt is pretty dope, and has a really likeable chilled beat and good R&B vocals. I highly doubt this will end up being a Drake track, as his only contribution is a verse towards the end. Whoever the singer is on the rest of the track is really good though, and I’d be interested to learn who it is.

Runaway Girl has a very futuristic and alternative beat, and Drake does his thing on it. Colin Munroe comes through with great vocals as always, and it’s a track I’m really liking. Definitely worth picking up, and is one of Drake’s better tracks.

Drake makes it 3/3, and I’m also enjoying Scriptures. It’s good to see that he’s making his verses a bit more personal, and not repeating the whole groupies thing, which had become a staple of his verses. This track sounds unfinished as there are gaps for a chorus, and the final version will hopefully surface soon.

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