Let's Get Alternative Up In This Mother...

First post, so let’s hope this isn’t a complete mess. Inside you should be able to find a few relatively recent tracks from the Alternative Music side of the World including Dashboard Confessional, Farewell, Metro Station and much (some) more. If you fancy expanding your music base, I highly recommend you read the chaff on.

First up is a track from the new Dashboard Confessional album. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, you’d most likely have heard Stolen, most likely in Scrubs or a few other TV/Movie soundtracks. Dashboard find the line between pop-punk and indie consistently, and have ridden this out over a good few albums. This track is entitled Until Morning, and much like most of the new album, Alter the Ending, is a bit more up-tempo and involved than previous Dashy-B tracks, and the production is on the whole great. As a spank-tastic bonus, the Internet decided to give me a complete set of acoustic tracks for this whole album, so I’ve thrown that in for bants too.

Dashboard Confessional- Until Morning

Dashboard Confessional- Until Morning (acoustic)

Turning to good old fashioned pop-punk now is a track from Farewell who are now onto their second album entitled Run It Up The Flagpole, following the success of Isn’t This Supposed To be Fun? The track here, called Rock On The Radio, fires right into business from the beginning, carrying on where is started throughout with some lyrics about running away and starting a band. As with most pop-punk music, the lyrics can be fairly generic but it’s a good listen. Take a gander, or you’ll be gay when you’re older.

Farewell- Rock On The Radio

Switching it up now to what can only best be described as a mix between soul, soft rock, and a dash of hip-hop. Eye Alaska, who I freely admit to know nothing about apart from having acquired their album Genesis Underground recently, bring a smooth number about showing someone or something “Daluv” (all one word apparently). It also features a chap named “Verbs”: I hear they were gunning for “Adjectives” but he was busy describing a situation at the time of production.

Eye Alaska- Show Me Daluv feat Verbs

Due to the “Jo Wiley” factor, the radio friendly amongst you will have heard Metro Station’s Shake It being played to death and ruining any mild interest you may have had in the song or band. What they didn’t tell you was that Metro Station’s creatively named album Metro Station was actually rather good. One of my favourite tracks called Kelsey (don’t bother watching the video, its dog-toss) recently had an acoustic version surface (Disclaimer: may not be recently, I’ve only just got Internet back) and its rather rad.

Metro Station- Kelsey (acoustic)

Last addition here is just a YouTube track as I’ve not been able to find a decent quality version of it. As much as I think Tinchy Stryder is a complete abortion of an artist, this live track of Never Leave You featuring Amelle Berrabah is actually quite good. As Ajay once said “She’s got quite the pair of chops on her!” (EDIT: Ajay182-Confirmed)

Tinchy Stryder- Never Leave You feat Amelle Berrabah (YouTube link)

Until next time.

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