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After “the click” are a few tracks that I am in no way claiming to be new. However, they are good. And for that to be said by me alone, I don’t know why you are reading this and haven’t hit the “Continue Reading” button. YOU FOOLS!!

Up first is a track from Jamie T. I imagine most people with ears would have heard a fair selection of tracks from his first album; Panic Prevention. Namely Sheila, If You Got The Money and Calm Down Dearest (ridiculous, comedy video). This track called Stick ‘N’ Stones is also of the same ilk (yeah, thats right; ilk) and pungency as he previous tracks. This track was originally on his Summer released EP (also called Sticks ‘N’ Stones), and was smashed into his new album titled Kings and Queens. The video for this track can also be viewed here. Clown+picnic bench+drinking a pint = VIEW IT.

Jamie T- Sticks ‘N’ Stones

Next up is a more acoustic track by a lad called Ronnie Day. If you care for this track, its worth having a look on YouTube for an MTV video series he did about a few of the tracks on his album (which this track is from) called The Album (genius, I know). Anyway, the track builds up to a crescendo that Richard Alpert would be proud of. Get it below. If you don’t like it,  I won’t lose sleep over it.

Ronnie Day- Outside

Sherwood’s track was released back in 2007, so its not even close to new. However, in what appears to be (in my opinion) a large oversight by myself, I only heard it the other week when I accidentally put my whole iPod library on shuffle. Its bordering on some textbook Pop-Punk; decent pace, something about a female, that’s all you need to know really.

Sherwood- Middle of The Night

Bit of a twist here, with a track thats neither acoustic or pop-punk. You’re probably thinking “Shit, best hold onto my feather duster!”, and you’d be right. You want to dust off your recently used left click to get hold of this track by Silversun Pickups. They’ve been around for a couple of years, and regularly tour the UK, so keep your eyes on your local 02 Academy listings. I’m not really sure what this is classed as, my iTunes says Indie. But make your own conclusions, be-hotches.

Silversun Pickups- Future Foe Scenarios

Finally, I’ve included a track from one of my top 10 20 bands of the past year, who sadly released just one album before breaking up. Imagine my joy when I woke up today to read a Twitter post from Overrating the Underrated‘s very own page, that The Summer Obsession are reforming. Boomtown ladies and gents, Boom Town! The track below is called Bored, it’s about someone being bored. Oh yes! Get on it in a way that can only be comparable to Sonic.

The Summer Obsession- Bored

How do you like those apples?

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