Another Long Overdue Club Music Post

I dropped the ball a bit here. I thought I’d posted most of these up, and clearly I was wrong. Oh well. Click below to help yourself to some more brainless party music, some of which could be playing in a club near you soon.

Flo Rida-Keep It Pouring
-This is a prime example of me dropping the ball, having had this for the best part of 3 weeks! It’s a typical Flo Rida track, with a bouncy beat and catchy hook. Definitely one of his better ones too.

Verse Simmonds-Buy You A Round Remix Ft. Pitbull
-Pitbull lends his voice to the remix to this track, the original of which is growing on me with every listen. Surprisingly easy to listen to, with the kind of chorus that has club smash written all over it.

Birdman-I Want It All Ft. Kevin Rudolf and Lil’ Wayne
-Birdman annoys me, it’s no secret, but the reason is not just his awful rapping: he always gets such great beats, and it’s beyond ridiculous that more deserving artists can’t get these and actually make them worthwhile tracks. Kevin Rudolf’s hook is decent, and Wayne verse is a surprising positive too, although that’s probably got something to with the fact Birdman is the only comparative factor on this track. Worth picking up, as long as you can deal with Birdman.

D-Lo-Any Mini (Featuring Shady Nate & Mr. Tower)
-A likeable underground uptempo joint here, with some pretty nice flows on the verses. Quite like the switch up for the chorus too, and it’s something a little different that hip-hop fans will probably enjoy.

Mishon-Tell Me What It Is ft. Sean Garrett
-Some pretty standard pop-rap here, with Sean Garrett’s contribution being the highlight of the track. The beat is alright though, and fans of mainstream hip-hop/chart music will quite like this.

Dirty Money-Love Come Down (Remix) (Feat. Jim Jones, Fabolous & Red Café)
-I loved the original, and I like this remix too. I’ve always had an unexplainable affection towards Jim Jones’ music (don’t judge me), and I like him on these type of productions. Fabolous takes the win on this one though, as expected, coming through with his witty style as always.

Snoop Dogg-Upside Down ft. Nipsey Hu$$le & Problem
-I genuinely really like this track, and I can’t figure out why. The sing-songy chorus is catchy as hell (I was singing it whilst brushing my teeth today), and the production/verses are decent. Really worth picking up for those of you looking for a good party-starter track, and one of the more likeable Snoop joints of recent times. Also, Nipsey looks exactly like Snoop.

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