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All of which have been in recent R&B Fridays.

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Too Many Names To Mention

Two tracks for you below, both with some good features. If I’m honest, I’m expecting the Blockstars Remix to be a bit of a mixed bag, as some of those guys can go, whereas others aren’t so hot (original version here). I’ve got high hopes for Fat Raps though (produced by Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids) as I expect all 3 to bring something good to the table. Surprisingly, Chip and Curren$y make their first appearances on this site.

Make your own judgements, mine’s just based on the line-ups so click below and have a listen.

DJ Kay Slay-Blockstars Remix ft. Blockstars (Remix) ft. Busta Rhymes, Cam’ron, Vado, Sheek Louch, Rick Ross & Ray J

Chip Tha Ripper-Fat Raps ft. Curren$y and Big Sean

Some (Very) Brief Album Reviews

Firstly, apologies for the quiet day on here. I’m having some issues with the back-end of things, and it’s going a lot slower than usual. Hopefully, normal service will resume in the next hour or so.

Right, onto this post: I get through a lot of albums weekly, and unfortunately just don’t have the time to do as many reviews as I’d like. They take a huge amount of time, which is pretty hard to come by. Don’t fret though, as I will have some coming up very soon (the assignments are nearly done!) and to tie you over I’ve written some mini-reviews on albums I’ve given a spin recently. Click below to swarm yourself in my warped opinions.

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Joe Budden

A more commercial track here by Joe Budden (not something you hear everyday) which is from his self titled first album. This track could and should have been a massive hit for him, riding off the success of his hit song Pump It Up, if it were not for label issues, this track would have been his second single.

Featuring R’n’B group 112, this is a track for the ladies and I have no doubts that had they made a video for this and thus his 2nd single (instead of the much less likeable track Fire) Joey’s career would be much different today. Go get the goods below.
Ma Ma Ma ft. 112

Big Wayde-When The Rain Stopped EP

Fans of our Underground Hip-Hop series should have picked up two tracks by Big Wayde in the last episode (ep. 9 coming soon). Both tracks were pretty nice, and I’m pleased to bring you the entire EP to enjoy. There are some nice guest spots too, so hip-hop fans should be checking this one out.

Big Wayde-When The Rain Stopped EP

LA & Mr. Music Take You Behind The Scenes

The talented duo LA & Mr. Music give you a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of their upcoming single, The Stars. Shouts to Tibs for this, and the description below:

The video depicts Mr. Music playing the self-produced instrumental for LA, who formulates and records the opening lines of the first verse. At the beginning and end of the video, you’ll hear snippets from the actual track itself. In fact, the intro of the video is the beginning of the song and right away you can hear the rising uptempo beat that becomes the canvas for this pop single“.

30 Seconds To Mars and Kanye West

Ever since this picture surfaced of 30STM frontman Jared Leto, Kanye West and The Killers’ Brandon Flowers (who is said to have just stopped by, he didn’t musically contribute. Boo), there’s been some anticipation over what the collabo would sound like. Well, hit the click below and find out. I’d recommend fans of any genre tried this out, as it’s fundamentally a pretty good song.
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3 Words-What The Hell?

Never did I think Cheryl Cole would make it onto this site.  I checked out this video on a recommendation, and it’s actually rather good. Very artistic, and superb use of the double vision technique, the video is a far cry from what you’d expect from Cheryl (or pop music for that matter). There are some obvious similarites with the Love Lockdown video, but that’s not strictly a bad thing.

The plaudits don’t end there either: the song is actually not too bad largely thanks to some good production from, and the track is about 50 million times better than the horrible, incredibly boring, unimaginative tripe that was her first single. I’d genuinely recommend people checked this out, and I was (and still am) shocked at the quality of this video. Good work.

Timbaland Double Post

The video here is the alternate one for Morning After Dark, and the track below is one which will not be on Shock Value 2. Apparently, a version of the track will be but minus Chris Brown. Make of that what you will, but the track itself is fairly decent.

Timbaland-Maniac (The One I Love) ft. Keri Hilson, Chris Brown and D.O.E.

R&B Fridays (on Saturday): Episode 24

My bad, things got a bit out of schedule yesterday and I didn’t get time to put this up. Ah well, it’s here now. Usher and R. Kelly headline this episode, and with Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, Jason Derulo and more following up, you know this a good episode. Big names and big tracks after the click.

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Unreleased Common/John Legend

Some unreleased music from one of my favourites rappers ever, which was cut from one of my favourite hip-hop albums ever. Strange Fruit is a track that didn’t make Finding Forever, and Cassidy fans amongst you may recognise this beat and hook as Celebrate. Not sure how it went from this to Cass, but the Kanye production is superb and I definitely prefer this version. The beat fits Common much better.

Common-Strange Fruit Ft. John Legend

Joell Ortiz Drops 2 Freestyles

The more I hear of Ortiz, the more I regret my early (and relatively unfounded) criticisms of his work with Slaughterhouse. Two freestyles below, one over Game’s Big Money and the other over Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne’s Hello Brooklyn 2.0. Both are definitely worth picking up.

Joell Ortiz-Big Money

Joell Ortiz-Hello Brooklyn

Trey Songz-LOL :) Video

I wasn’t (and still don’t) really feeling this track upon this album’s release, but I know the track has its fans so here go the visuals for those of you who are into it.

Jaguar Skills… HhhhoooooOOOOO!

For those of you who are fans of Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio1 and 1Xtra on Saturday nights, this will be of no news to you. However for the rest of you, listen up and listen good. Jag Skills is a mash-up/mix DJ who, as his name suggests, has some serious skills. Click below to find out more about the acclaimed “funkiest ninja DJ on the planet”.

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Lupe Fiasco-Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

It’s here, brand new Lupe Fiasco material! As promised, he dropped the mixtape today and I can’t wait to get stuck into this. It’s been almost two years since he last released anything (besides the odd track here and there) and hopefully this will begin the process of cementing him as one of the best around. I’m sure longtime fans share my excitement, and newcomers should really grab this too.

Oh, and it gets better: Another mixtape is coming next month, entitled Friend of The People. By beard of Zeus!

Lupe Fiasco-Enemy of the State: A Love Story

Throwback Thursdays Vol 2

I hope you enjoyed our first Thursday Throwback last week. If you missed it then sort your life out here.

If you didn’t guess this week’s throwback then take a long hard look at yourself here.

Housekeeping over, it’s time to get into this week’s classic…

Nas-Halftime (Illmatic)

This week’s throwback belongs to Nasty Nas himself coming hard with Halftime off his undoubted classic Illmatic

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Final Relapse: Refill Bits

The artwork here is the official one, and the final tracklisting for the bonus disc is below:

1. Forever w/ Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West
2. Hell Breaks Loose
3. Buffalo Bill
4. Elevator
5. Taking My Ball
6. Music Box
7. Drop The Bomb On ‘Em

Florence + The Machine Cover “You Got The Love”

A relatively new band to me; Florence + The Machine, have included in their new album Lungs a cover of You Got The Love orignally by The Source and Candi Staton.

Its a pretty decent cover actually, not as powerful as the original or the more recent “club” efforts that most of you will have heard, but its still a very likeable track. Shame the singer is a ginger. They have also recorded a video for this, which you can view here. I only got about a minute in before closing it though… make your own judgements.

I expect a lot of you have heard this before, but just as many will have missed this (seeing as it’s fairly mainstream stuff) so check out the selection of tracks below.

Florence + The Machine- You Got The Love
The Source Feat Candi Staton- You Got The Love (Now Voyager Remix)
The Source Feat Candi Staton- You Get The Idea

B.o.B-Nothin' On You

Good grief, this is absolutely superb. This is Bobby’s official single from his upcoming album, and it’s a stunningly good track. Somehow, B.o.B has managed to encapsulate the broad range of genres he has in his repetoire into one package, and the outcome sounds great. B.o.B brings some real introspection with his lyrics, and delivers them with a mix of nicely-flowed rapping and a little harmonising. The production is airy and simple, making the track very easy to listen to and appreciate.

Also, Bruno Mars (who I know very little about) absolutely slays this hook and he’s got a really good voice. Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for Bruno in the future. This is a cracking choice of ‘debut’ single for B.o.B and has massive potential. Honestly, if this dude/track doesn’t make it big, I’m going to lose complete faith in music/humanity.

B.o.B-Nothin’ On You Ft. Bruno Mars

Fancy A Competition? Yeah You Do!

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The good folks over at Universal Music group have informed me of a pretty decent competition they’re running which will be of interest to all of you. Called Educate Your Ears, the aim is to introduce everyone to some of the music industry’s rising stars and gives you the opportunity to check their stuff out.

There are some awesome prizes up for grabs, including autographed goods from Kid Cudi and The Noisettes, and many more superb artists. It’s audaciously simple to enter, you just need to fill out your details and that’s it. Let’s be honest, with Christmas coming up this could end up being a pretty awesome win. It’s free too, so head over to the Educate Your Ears site now to enter: I have!

Wiz Khalifa-Young Boy Talk

Khalifa’s album dropped yesterday, and here’s a track I got my hands on for you to enjoy and remind you to pick that album up!

It’s very different from the recent material he’s put out, and definitely is a more gritty hip-hop track. It’s still great, and continues my growing appreciation for Wiz.

Wiz Khalifa-Young Boy Talk

More New Fly Gypsy

The second single from Fly Gypsy’s upcoming Change For A Dollar EP has arrived. Haven’t checked this out, but they’ve developed a solid following on this site so I’m sure you guys need no enticing to grab the below track.

Fly Gypsy-You feat. Tattiana Aqeel-de Oliveira

Lupe Fiasco or Raekwon? Have Both!

Dirty Money’s Angels
has been remixed by not one, but two of the finest rappers in the game right now. Lupe Fiasco and Raekwon have each dropped seperate remixes to the track, both of which are absolutely cracking. Grab them after the click.

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The Name of Lupe Fiasco’s Upcoming Mixtape Is…


Another Long Overdue Club Music Post

I dropped the ball a bit here. I thought I’d posted most of these up, and clearly I was wrong. Oh well. Click below to help yourself to some more brainless party music, some of which could be playing in a club near you soon.

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Morning After Dark Video

Timbo drops some visuals for his SoShy-assisted single from Shock Value 2. Audio is here.

Beanie Sigel-How I Can Kill Jigga Man

Beans fires more shots at Jay-Z here, in what is becoming a rapidly boring beef. It’s a decent track though, and I’m diggin’ this old school beat. If Jay continues to ignore Beanie, it’s just making Beans look desperate to be honest. My opinion though, not fact and to be fair Sigel’s profile has raised a great deal since this all kicked off.

Beanie Sigel-How I Can Kill Jigga Man

Sunday's Classic Collabo: CRS

CRS (Child Rebel Soldier) is a hip-hop ‘supergroup’ comprised of Lupe Fiasco (The Child), Kanye West (The Rebel), and Pharrell Williams (The Soldier).

As a group they had plans to release an album late this year, however that (possibly along with the group itself) appears to have been scrapped completely, given that there has been no mention of this group, or it’s future endeavours, this year at all.

This track, Us Placers, features the vocals of Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke and was on Kanye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing mixtape.

Click here to get the track.

New Slaughterhouse Video

A favourite of mine from the Slaughterhouse album has been given the visual treatment, go watch it for some Hip Hop goodness.

You can get this track, Microphone, from here.