Uptempo, Club, Party…Whatever You Want To Call It…

…it’s here, and it’s in this post. Something for everyone here, with some great uptempo tracks for you all after the click. There’s a mix of mainstream artists and lesser known artists so do the right thing and click the red line.

3OH!3-Starstrukk Ft. Katy Perry
-This track has been floating around for a short while, is growing on me with every listen, and will certainly do the same for you. Have this on in the background and you’ll find yourself bouncing along…just watch. Katy Perry’s vocals are a really good addition to this track, and the track definitely wouldn’t have the same energy or impact without that feature. The beat is pretty likeable too, and it’s definitely one to throw on before a night out. Even as I type, I’m enjoying this song more and more!

Mickey Factz-K1 Attack Ft. Nakim
-This is actually a pretty old track, but I kind of glanced over it first time around. It’s from one of Mickey Factz’s early mixtapes (The Leak Vol. 1), and is seriously good. I can’t remember where the sample is from, but you should all recognise it. It was a pretty big dance track a couple of years ago. Anyway, this is a superb track and a really bouncy, motivational track that’s definitely worth picking up.

Tiesto-Who Wants To Be Alone Ft. Nelly Furtado
-This is a fairly decent track, although this whole techno thing isn’t really my thing. However, fans of electro/techno will definitely like this and Nelly Furtado’s chorus isn’t bad.

DJ Webstar-In The Air Ft. Jim Jones and Ricky Blaze
-I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks as I wasn’t quite sure where to put it. Webstar is never going to win any awards for his rap, but this beat is nice and Ricky’s chorus is pretty decent. Jimmy doesn’t really come out of 1st gear, and delivers a passable verse. This is worth picking up though, as it has something oddly replayable about it.

Jennifer Lopez-Fresh Out The Oven Ft. Pitbull
-This is supposedly J-Lo’s comeback single, and it’s OK. Fans of chart/mainstream music will enjoy this (as if you weren’t already reeled in by the Pitbull feature…) and who knows, it might grow on me. The track seems a bit all over the place for me, but will probably be a smash hit anyway.

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