Three New Drake Tracks

I held off on posting these today as some of them sound unfinished, but I changed my mind for some unknown reason.

The first one is from Timbaland’s Shock Value 2, and is expected to be a single at some point. It’s not too bad, and although it isn’t anything special it could be unfinished. The other two may be Neither of the other two will be on Thank Me Later: King Leon has a really nice beat, and I’d much rather this be the Timbo/Drake collab as it sounds like a Tim production. Believe It Or Not isn’t really my thing, but will go down well with fans of mainstream hip-hop. It’s a very Gucci Mane-style song…UPDATE: And that’s because it is a Gucci Mane song, from an upcoming mixtape.

Drake-Believe It Or Not Ft. Gucci Mane

Drake-King Leon

Timbaland-Say Something Ft. Drake

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