The Game-Krazy

Remember what I told you here? I hope so, ‘cos here goes Game’s newest official track. Krazy features Gucci Mane, and on first listen I can’t say I’m really feeling this. The beat is a bit clunky and Gucci’s feature doesn’t add anything at all.

Game-Krazy Ft. Gucci Mane and Timbaland

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3 comments to The Game-Krazy

  • Notorious Indi

    I’m 90% sure this track won’t be on his album.

  • Maybe, but either way it’s got artwork etc.

  • Notorious Indi

    It’s classic Game – throwing out a street single and giving it artwork, and then deciding not to put it on the album. See Big Dreams last time round. Also Game on his twitter has said that ‘Big Money is the 1st single from his album. He also reckons he has 4 mixtapes dropping before the album comes out in December. Hmmmm.

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