Several New Tracks For Your Ears

I’ve been a little quiet lately, but this post will make up for that – here are 6 great new tracks that have heavily been in my rotation this past week. Click below for the goodness.

Starting off with a track that I’ve already listened to no less than 44 times in the past couple of days - a Hip-Hop banger of a track by Supastar LT featuring Kardinal Offishall and Red Cafe, which is called I Love My City. Great verses by Kardinal (repping T-Dot aka Toronto) and Red Cafe (New York) complemented by a good chorus + beat. I have to say the more I hear of Red Cafe the more I’m liking him, expect to hear more from him on this site in the near future.

I Love My City ft. Kardinall Offishall & Red Cafe

I’m not going to pretend I know anything about Young Boombaya & A.P. other than the two of them being introduced to you by Saigon on his recent mixtape Warning Shots 2. With that said the track they did on that mixtape happens to be my favourite! The subject matter of this track does nothing to suggest that these two rappers will make an impact on the Hip-Hop industry, but the beat is great, and the chorus is just addictive. Get it below:

Cookies & Milk (introducing Young Boombaya & A.P.)

Another newcomer with this next track - Trav, who is someone I’ve only heard from recently with his appearance at 50 Cent’s recent festival in New York. Mixtape hard hitters Juelz Santana and Lloyd Banks feature on this remix, and all I’m going to say is when did Lloyd Banks get good again??

Ride The Wave (remix) ft. Juelz Santana & Lloyd Banks

Next up is a feel good track from the ‘Dirty South’ by Chalie Boy featuring Slim Thug, Bun B & Juvenile. A decent track to listen to before a night out:

I Look Good (remix) ft. Slim Thug, Juvenile & Bun B

Change of pace here with a track by Plies for the ladies in mind, featuring some good vocals from Keri Hilson (as always).

Medicine ft. Keri Hilson

Last but not least, Freeway provides a song with a Jay-Z sampled chorus (Jay must be the most sampled guy ever in Hip-Hop!) In the past I’ve been pretty indifferent towards Freeway, as I’ve never really felt his flow. However he’s switched it up in recent times to good effect.

Touch Down

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