September Summary

So, we all know September was a generally slow month for good new music (with a couple of notable exceptions). However, I’d planned on doing a month summary anyway so I’ll try and be as pragmatic as possible.

Click below to see my summary for the month, including my favourite albums and tracks from September.

As I said, it’s been an incredibly slow month. Although there were some very good albums dropped last month, good singles were hard to come by from other artists.

Having said that, R&B Fridays this month were definitely a notch higher than the month before, with some decent tracks to be found there. However, there was nothing that was overly stunning in most genres, and a quick browse through my iTunes tells me that I’ve used a lot of this month listening to older albums that I’d missed first time.

Raekwon, Trey Songz, and Kid Cudi really saved this month from being awful though by each delivering fantastic albums. Rae’s album really brought back that hip-hop essence that was missing from most other releases this year, with Jay-Z being the main culprit of this. A big marketing campaign focused on how The Blueprint 3 was ‘boycotting trends‘ and would be ‘game-changing’ became nothing more than a gloss over a hugely chart-aimed album, with the anomaly that was A Star Is Born, which is a great track.

Trey Songz succeeded where Jay failed, and brought some integrity and talent back to the forefront of his genre, with his third album Ready being the R&B album of the year thus far. Trey really set the benchmark for top-level R&B with this album, and definitely brought a lot of fans back to an otherwise flagging genre.

Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon: The End of Day prevailed in creating something that sounded unlike anything before it, and surpassed many expectations, delivering one of the most memorable debut albums for a very long time. It’s an album for all seasons and all tastes, and really removes Cudi from the ‘Kanye’s protege’ tag and into gaining success on merit alone.

It’s pretty clear therefore what my favourite albums of the month are. As for my favourite individual tracks (not including anything from the 3 albums previously mentioned, as that would just be pointless), in no particular order:

-M.O.P.-Crazy Ft. Termanology

-Jay-Z-A Star Is Born Ft. J.Cole



-Pete Rock-When I Need It

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