R&B Fridays: Episode 18

I could have easily put out two of these this week, so this one is rammed with tracks.
There’s a lot of content, and although not every song is amazing, a lot of it is big news and/or a big deal: an Alexandra Burke/Ne-Yo collab, a 15-year old who is better than most other R&B artists, TV stars and a lot more.

Want some? Yeah you do. Click the red line of enlightenment below.

Alexandra Burke-Goodnight, Good Morning ft. Ne-Yo
-This is a significantly better than the mess that was her first single. It’s not great, admittedly, but it’s going to make a lot of money and top a lot of charts. It’s funny how they’ve packaged Alexandra, it doesn’t seem to suit her. Uptempo R&B/pop tracks are a little ‘easy’ for someone with a great voice like that. Leave this kind of stuff to people who can’t sing.

Ne-Yo-Never Knew I Needed
-Keeping on the Ne-Yo tip, this is a track from the upcoming Disney flick The Princess and The Frog. It’s a slow jam from Ne-Yo which is alright, but not amazing. It’s worth grabbing as there are some good moments though.

Leighton Meester-Somebody To Love feat. Robin Thicke
-I don’t know who this is, but she featured on a Cobra Starship single earlier this year, and is apparently some TV actress. Good for her. Anyway, this track is actually quite addictive, and Robin Thicke’s feature is pretty nice. Great beat, and Meester’s vocals are actually pretty smooth for a first timer. UPDATE (22/10): I love this track. This beat is ridiculously addictive.

R. Kelly-Religious
-This is what I mean about the tracks all being big deals! This is the official second single from Robert’s upcoming album, and is a textbook slow jam from the veteran. It has something quite likeable about its downplayed production, and it’s a nice track all-round.

Chris Brown-So Cold
-This isn’t bad at all. It sounds very unfinished, but it’s got some real potential about it. Once again, this is evidence that Mr. Brown has really improved his singing since, erm, ‘taking some time out’. Please keep off the AutoTune and deliver stuff like this. Thanks!

Mario-Before She Said Hi Ft. Big Sean
-Mario is blatantly trying to impress me now, it’s just getting obvious. Dropping an R&B track over a hip-hop beat (Amerie is still the best at this though) AND getting Big Sean on the track? You’ve caught my attention. This is actually a really, really likeable song though and Mario doesn’t let the beat/Sean down. Sean’s verse is great as always, and he always struck me as someone who could kill R&B features. Definitely one of the better tracks this week.

Mario-Before She Said Hi Ft. B.o.B
-This is an alternate version to the one above, and this one won’t be on the album. However, the fact B.o.B was considered too just makes me like Mario even more. Same beat as above, but has B.o.B doing a nice job on the guest spot instead of Sean.

Robin Thicke-Sex Therapy
-The lead single, and title track, of Robin Thicke’s upcoming album is nothing short of baby-making music. A real smooth, Maxwell-esque track which should definitely go down well with fans of most genres. It’s one of those tracks that’s just undeniably good, and is definitely staying in my rotation for a while.

Mario Winans-Love Highway
-Possibly the first artist to appear in both Sunday’s Classic Collabo and R&B Friday. This is a chilled out, relaxed bit of R&B that is reminiscient of a few recent Johnta Austin tracks. A high compliment.

Mariah Carey-Candy Bling Remix Ft. T-Pain
-This isn’t as good as their previous collabo, Migrate, but it’s probably worth picking up because frankly it’s two huge R&B artists. I’m not totally feeling this track but whatever, I know there will be fans of this.

Joss Stone-Governmentalist Ft. Nas
-I should have called this Collaboration Friday. This is a nice bit of soul music for you, and everybody who has 1/3 of a brain loves a Nas feature. Makes a nice change from the more mainstream stuff this week, and I’m really enjoying the vibe of this track.

Justin Bieber-One Less Lonely Girl
-Oh man. This kid is going to be HUGE. How is he only FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!? Seriously, it’s crazy. Anyway, this is a decent track, but the real amazement comes in the quality and talent of this kid’s voice and you absolutely have to get this track. He’s miles ahead of a lot of artists right now (hell, even some in this post) and has my personal stamp of guarantee to be absolutely huge.

Toni Braxton & Trey Songz-Yesterday
-Possibly the best collabo this week/month. I’m really enjoying this great duet, and it’s a fantastic piece of R&B for everyone to enjoy. Toni’s vocals are soulful as always, and do I even need to hype Trey’s awesome voice? No. No I don’t. Definitely pick this track up.

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