R&B Fridays: Episode 16

Lloyd takes up two spots in this edition, as well as an unexpected track featuring The Roots, and more.

Amerie-Why R U/One Thing Ft. The Roots (Live)
-Amerie joined The Roots on stage to perform her recent single Why R U, as well as her huge hit One Thing. They’re great performances, and they work really well together.

Lloyd-Pusha Remix Ft. Pusha T
-You could see this remix coming a mile off, and the Clipse spitter jumps on the track that shares his name. Pusha T’s verses are nice, and it’s a good remix. The original can be found here.

Slim-Don’t It Feel Good Ft. Maino
-The lead singer of 112 comes through with a nice track, which features one of our favourite rappers here in this lunatic asylum. Maino drops a nice verse, and this is definitely a very good track all-round.

Krys Ivory-B.A.B.Y. Ft. Tyga
-I’m not feeling this too much, but it’s one that fans of pop will enjoy. The song is a bit dumbed-down and pretty simple but whatever.

Ne-Yo-Nothing But The Girl
-The production on this is a bit schizophrenic and isn’t quite sure what genre it wants to be, and hence comes off as a mix between a good R&B production and something Cascada would throw out. However, Ne-Yo manages to hold things together, and it’s an OK effort.

Grip-Always Be Around Ft. Tyga and Lloyd
-Tyga and Lloyd make their second appearance this week, and it’s a very likeable track. Lloyd brings his signature whispery vocals with a nice chorus, and Tyga’s verse is decent. I don’t know who Grip is though, and his verse is a pretty dull Autotuned affair.

Joss Stone-Free Me
-Rounding off this week’s edition with something a little different. I like this track, and the chorus is very well done. The production is a simple beat, which has a charm in its simplicity. It’s a very Raphael Saadiq-sounding track, and worth picking up.

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