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Back to regularly scheduled programming. Not sure what to drop first on here, so we’ll ease you back from R&B Friday with some new Jay Sean tracks.

Before you hit the click below, congratulations to Jay for going to #1 on the US singles charts with Down. That’s a great accomplishment, and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. I’ve been (rightfully) critical of him at times, but you can’t deny the guy his success: he dropped a killer single and got rewarded for it.

Jay Sean-Do You Remember Ft. Sean Paul and Lil’ Jon
-Looking at the collaborators, this probably won’t sound anything like what you expect it to. The beat is actually pretty nice and chilled, and Jay Sean’s vocals are good on this. The chorus is good and he’s definitely improved his melodies a great deal. I’m not sure Lil’ Jon fits on this track in any way, shape or form though. It’s just not a Lil’ Jon-esque track at all. Sean Paul hangs in there though, just because he isn’t as fundamentally insane as Little Jonathan.

Birdman-Written On Her Remix ft. Jay Sean, Flo-Rida and Mack Maine
-The original version of this was actually the first Cash Money track that was leaked following Jay’s arrival on their label. It was actually alright, as the beat’s OK and Jay’s chorus is pretty catchy. Birdman, however, is absolutely terrible and ruined the original. This remix is better, if only because Mack Maine and Flo-Rida can flow (no pun intended) pretty quickly, which ties with the beat pretty well. Birdman’s verse is one from the original, and as previously mentioned, is all kinds of awful. With the exception of Birdman, this actually has some potential as a club banger and I’d certainly throw it in a rotation.

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