Chris Brown-I Can Transform Ya Video

Video for Chris’ new single, which you can get the audio for from here. The video is actually pretty cool, although it won’t get the credit it deserves for obvious reasons.

FYI sports fans, I’m rather ill so my commentaries may be a tad stunted for a couple of days: apologies in advance!

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2 comments to Chris Brown-I Can Transform Ya Video

  • Aidans Girls

    hey up cool peeps, i fynk dat dis syttt it sik bruvas! nddd lyk keeeeeeeep up da gd wrk nd dat, i fynk u shd gt sme michael buble tracks dooooooo, he is dope, dope my frend
    loves u ajay and nortorious ;)

  • Freya Johnson

    just to let you all know that comment was from rajan.

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