BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers

I’d been waiting on these for a while, and I’m glad to say they don’t disappoint. The video here is the three freestyles from Eminem, Mos Def and Black Thought. It has to be said that all 3 absolutely tear this up. Click below to see the other two cyphers, which include Joe Budden, Wale, KRS-One and others.

Nipsey Hussle took his cypher for me, whilst Joe Budden tore his one comfortably. Nicki Minaj’s was good too.

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4 comments to BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers

  • Notorious Indi

    This is immense!

    KRS took that 2nd vid for me though easily!

    Also, Nicki Minaj really needs to stop the exaggerated facial expressions, it’s just plain weird.

    Overall I reckon Budden had the best freestyle.

  • nikul

    yeah wale was abit disapointing i think….
    i think overall EMINEM was the best

  • I find Nicki Minaj’s expressions funny tbh! Gives her a bit of a fun personality, instead of going for ‘I’m the crazy, gun-toting bad bitch’ that a lot of female rappers go for. On reflection, Budden probably does have the best one. KRS’ ends well, but I find it a tad disappointing by his standards. Fair play to that Tanzanian fella for rhyming in both his language and in the translation though!

  • nikul

    changed my mind! buddens takes it all! his punchlines are crazy!!

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