Another Load of Tracks

Once again, there’s something for everyone here. Big UK names Mr. Hudson and Leona Lewis make appearances this time around, alongside many others.

Click below for the goods.

Mr. Hudson-Time
-The next single (after White Lies) from Hudson’s upcoming Straight No Chaser. This is a very different style from Hudson’s recent leaks, and really plays up to his strengths. It’s a very raw, emotional effort which doesn’t rely heavily on its production and derives all of its quality from Hudson’s voice.

Wyclef Jean-Don’t Go Outside Ft. Maino
-Maino’s doing the rounds on features lately, and jumps on an otherwise-average Wyclef track. The beat/Wyclef’s lyrics are sketchy, and Maino definitely saves this track. It may grow on me though, Wyclef tracks tend to.

Leona Lewis-Stone Hearts
-Another track from her upcoming album, and I’m liking this one. It’s a slow, ballad-type affair and progresses into the sort of big climax that suits Leona brilliantly. I expect this to be a huge track for Leona, and I’ll be keeping an ear out for her upcoming album on the basis of this track.

Young Jeezy-I Got This (Don’t Worry)
-From the upcoming Thug Motivation 103, this is a typical slice of Jeezy with the gritty raps and striking beat.

Kristinia DeBarge-Future Love Ft. Pitbull
-This is a guaranteed club joint for the near future. It’s actually a pretty likeable track, and will be another smash to add to Pitbull’s catalogue. Kristinia DeBarge has a good hit on her hands here, although it has to be said that the production is definitely the highlight here.

Young Buck-Lord Have Mercy Ft. The Outlawz
-A nice chilled out track from Buck which is very likeable and easy to listen to. I like Buck on these types of productions, and the laid-back nature really fits him nicely. Nice to hear new music from The Outlawz too.

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