A Heap of New Music

So, the one day I have no access to my laptop throws up a load of new music from artists I actually like.

Click below for tracks from D12, Foo Fighters, J. Holiday, T.I. and more.

(If you’re wondering about the picture, it came upwhen doing a Google image search for ‘D12′)

T.I.-Hell of a Life
-This track originally leaked back in June, but here lies the finished version which is the next official single from the re-release of Paper Trail.

J. Holiday-Brand New
-Didn’t see this coming. J. Holiday takes on Drake’s Brand New, and actually uses it as a diss track towards Drake. Not sure why he chose to do this now, and why he singled out Drake, but he speaks some sense with one or two of his lines to be fair.

D12-Ugly Bitch Ft. Swizz Beatz
-The first leak from their upcoming mixtape, Return of the Dozen and I’m not feeling this in the slightest. The production sounds cheap, and it’s a far cry from their material of years ago.

Foo Fighters-Wheels
-The lead single from their upcoming greatest hits album, and it’s a pretty likeable track. It’s has a slightly downheartened aspect to it which plays off the ‘loud’ chorus nicely.

Sean Garrett-Up In Your Heart Ft. Gucci Mane
-Another track by an artist I normally like, but the track is disappointing. It just sounds like that typical, terrible rap that’s being churned out at a worrying rate nowadays, and is just not my thing.

Busta Rhymes-Hits For Days Ft. J. Holiday
-A decent effort from this duo, and J. Holiday’s chorus is a highlight of this track.

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