A Bundle of Goods

A bundle of joy, if you will.

Click below to pick up tracks from N*E*R*D, Royce Da 5’9″, the new Fallout Boy single and more. I’ve also thrown in a couple of tracks that I’d skipped over/forgotten to put up previously, so grab those too. Alright? Good.

Boyder & Asher Roth-How Many Bars

-This is a fun freestyle that was recorded on the tour bus by Asher and one of his guys a couple of weeks back.

Juelz Santana-Harlem Forever Ft. Jim Jones
-You may recall Juelz’s Forever freestyle that was posted here, and Jimmy hopped on the beat too and delivered a verse of his own last week.

Fallout Boy-Alpha Dog
-Really enjoying this track from their upcomign Greatest Hits album, and it’s great to hear them use the demo that was previously found on the Welcome To The New Administration mixtape. Definitely a good track from these guys, and sounds like something from Infinity on High.

N*E*R*D-Soldier Ft. Santigold
-First off, yes, her name is now Santigold due to some legal issue that I don’t care about. This is a track Pharrell’s boys have been performing live for some time now, and we finally get a studio version. It’s not clear whether this is from their next album Instant Gratification, which incidentally will feature a new member of the group.

Red Cafe-On To The Next One Freestyle
-Red Cafe drops some bars over one of my favourite beats of the last month, and does a decent job.

Royce Da 5’9″-Something 2 Ride 2 Ft. Phonte
-I was a bit torn as to what to put up here, as a couple of Royce tracks have leaked in the last couple of days. This will be the last leak we post from Street Hop, as we’re avid supporters of Royce, so go get that album next week! If you haven’t been convinced yet, pick up this laid-back slice of hip-hop and be convinced, as well as the other tracks we’ve put up.

Rob Murat-Dilemma Remix 1.0 Ft. Kidz In The Hall
-I’m so disappointed that I hadn’t put this up before. This track has been in my rotation for a while and it’s a superb slice of soul/R&B/hip-hop, with some jazzy elements. A really likeable track, and one which flows so nicely that it’s hard to skip. You can check the video out here, should you so please.

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