I Need A Better Name For This Post

Seriously, I do. This is one of those club/party track posts, but I’m running out of things to call them.

Anywho, this is a long overdue post as I’ve stacked up a couple of tracks over the last 2/3 weeks that I haven’t managed to squeeze in elsewhere. There’s dance, hip-hop, pop and R&B, so click below for the goods.

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Wale, J.Cole and Melanie Fiona

Here goes the last leak we’ll be posting from Wale’s upcoming album. When I saw the tracklist (which you can see after the click) I was most excited to hear Beautiful Bliss, and you can grab it below.

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Empire State of Mind Video

All I want is a special Christmas edition that features Lil’ Mama folding her arms in front of various world landmarks. That’s all.

The Return of JT and Timbo

…is rather disappointing. This isn’t even a scratch on some of their previous work, and sounds like it was just thrown in just to say they did something together for this album. I might be wrong, but I doubt it.

Timbaland-Carry Out Ft. Justin Timberlake

R&B Fridays: Episode 20

Bit of a bittersweet moment here. First off, it’s R&B Fridays’ 20th so that’s cool. However, due to illness I’ve been unable to really make this a huge/crazy extravaganza, like I did for ep. 10. Woops.

With that said, it’s still another great edition. Usher takes up 3 coveted spots this week as his new album nears, and there are tracks from Keri Hilson, Alicia Keys and more.

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The Game-Krazy

Remember what I told you here? I hope so, ‘cos here goes Game’s newest official track. Krazy features Gucci Mane, and on first listen I can’t say I’m really feeling this. The beat is a bit clunky and Gucci’s feature doesn’t add anything at all.

Game-Krazy Ft. Gucci Mane and Timbaland

Quick Blast: J. Cole

The disappointingly-quiet J. Cole finally dropped some new music for us all to love. Grab it below.

J. Cole-Unabomber


Sorry for the caps in the title, I just wanted to grab your attention. Here is the much anticipated collaboration between 50 Cent and Eminem from 50′s looming new album. 50 switches his flow up, which I assume he’s done so he’s not outshone by Eminem. It’s a valiant effort but it was to no avail – Eminem really rips this to shreds. A superb beat by Eminem too, go get it below.

Psycho ft. Eminem

New Joell Ortiz Freestyle

Joell Ortiz has wasted no time on jumping on the new 50 Cent track and does a pretty good job on it. Most people feel that Joell is the weak link in Slaughterhouse, with this freestyle Joell Ortiz sticks a middle finger up to those who think that way.

Crime Wave (freestyle)

DJ Khaled, Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake

DJ Khaled loves bringing the stars together on his albums, and his upcoming album Victory is no different. This track is going to be the 1st single from that album, be sure to get it below.

Fed Up ft. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross & Drake

Two New Lupe Freestyles

Haven’t checked these out yet, but Lupe keeps dropping us with new material which is always great news. The first is over Timbaland’s recently-leaked Say Something (I mean seriously, the final version just dropped like a day or two ago!) and admittedly I can’t remember what the second one was over. Forgive me. I also really like Lupe’s sweatshirt in this pic, someone buy it for me as a get well gift. Thanks in advance.

Lupe Fiasco-Say Something Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco-All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle

Final Version of Say Something

Edit: Bringing this back up as I’ve now added the official final version. Turns out the one I posted before wasn’t final.

Click below to grab the finished/mastered version of the Timbaland/Drake collaboration. I haven’t checked this out yet, but it’s nearly 2 minutes longer than the unfinished version I delivered here.

Timbaland-Say Something Ft. Drake

Lil’ Wayne-No Ceilings

Here goes Weezy’s first official mixtape in a while. Looking at the tracklist, I’ve got really high hopes as it looks to contain a lot of freestyles, which Wayne is notoriously good at. The Run This Town free is on here, and that particular track was great. This will probably be worth picking up, just to see if he can still go Drought 3 style.

Lil’ Wayne-No Ceilings

Mike Posner-One Foot Out The Door

Despite being unable to move from my bed, here goes my second brilliant post of the day. Posner’s latest mixtape has been dropped, and is worth picking up for fans of any style of music. His first mixtape, released in March, was unlike anything I’d ever heard before (and you can pick it up for free from iTunes here), so it will be interesting to see how he has progressed. UPDATE: This mixtape is absolutely awesome. Everyone needs to own this.

Mike Posner-One Foot Out The Door

BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers

I’d been waiting on these for a while, and I’m glad to say they don’t disappoint. The video here is the three freestyles from Eminem, Mos Def and Black Thought. It has to be said that all 3 absolutely tear this up. Click below to see the other two cyphers, which include Joe Budden, Wale, KRS-One and others.

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A Few Good New Tracks From This Week Thus Far

Nice little bit of variety here for you, click below to get new tracks from Kardinal Offishall, B.o.B/Bobby Ray, Sullee J, a Gucci Mane remix of a recent Lil’ Wayne track featuring Plies and OJ Da Juiceman.

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Chris Brown-I Can Transform Ya Video

Video for Chris’ new single, which you can get the audio for from here. The video is actually pretty cool, although it won’t get the credit it deserves for obvious reasons.

FYI sports fans, I’m rather ill so my commentaries may be a tad stunted for a couple of days: apologies in advance!

Wale and John Mayer

How has this not made the album? Wale just let loose of this collabo which was cut from Attention: Deficit. It’s a fantastic track, and in keeping with the quality of music that Wale keeps dropping. The beat is relaxed, Mayer’s hook is drifty and memorable, and Wale’s raps are on point. He comes on a more conscious tip than other recent stuff, and it’s always a lane he does well in.

If all of these great tracks aren’t making the album, the album must be absolutely classic.

Wale-Letter Ft. John Mayer

3OH!3 and Katy Perry Video

Here goes the video for Starstrukk. Admittedly, this song is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me as it’s a brainless, bouncy track which is great to have in the rotation. The video itself is fairly average, although it does have some funny moments. It has to be said that Katy Perry makes this song/video though.

Jazzy Jeff-He’s The King, I’m The DJ

Since news broke of this late last week, I’ve been itching for it to come out. The legend that is DJ Jazzy Jeff has put together a 49-track (that’s right!) mixtape dedicated to Michael Jackson. Click below for more info, and to pick up the mixtape.

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Quick Blast: Clipse and Cam’ron

Here goes a new track from the awesomely dope duo, the Clipse. Remember when they burst on the scene on JT’s Like I Love You? Those were the days.

Clipse-Popular Demand (Popeye’s) ft. Cam’ron

Asher Roth-Rick Smits

Asher comes through with a freestyle over Saigon’s C’mon Baby. This is expected to be on the upcoming Greenhouse Effect 2 mixtape. It’s pretty nice, and is worth picking up for Asher fans. I do however suspect that this is unfinished, as there are a couple of open verses at the end.

Asher Roth-Rick Smits

Before I Self Destruct Tracklist

Click below for the expected tracklist for 50 Cent’s upcoming album. This is not finalised, but shouldn’t change much between now and the release.

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Sunday’s Classic Collabo: Brooke Valentine/Fabolous/YoYo

Brooke Valentine, remember her? Most famous for this song/one hit wonder - yeah now you remember her. Anyway here is a lesser known song by her, along with feature happy Fabolous, and the lesser known YoYo. It’s produced by Jazze Pha and if you’re familiar with his previous work, you’ll know that his beats are uptempo and ideal for the clubs. This track is no different and Fabolous’ flow on this is just ridiculous. Get the goods below:

Boogie Oogie Oogie ft. Fabolous & YoYo

Lil’ Wayne-Run This Town Freestyle

That’s more like it! This is some Da Drought 3-style Lil’ Wayne right here, and the kind that’s been missing for too long. He does a great job on this beat, and it’s definitely a freestyle that you should pick up.

Lil’ Wayne-Run This Town Freestyle

Further Artworking


Weezer and Lil’ Wayne

Here’s a track that was announced a few months back. Lyrically, it’s fairly mundane and sounds like any old R&B/Hip-Hop track, but is generally easy to listen to. Wayne’s guest verse is better than some of his other recent efforts, and it’s a pretty cool party jam which will sit well with a mainstream audience. It’s not quite as good as the Fallout Boy/Wayne collab, but decent nonetheless. Fans of all genres should probably check this out, just to say you did.

Weezer-Can’t Stop Partying Ft. Lil’ Wayne

Common-Make My Day Video (Ft. Cee-Lo)

Talk about late. This track was on Common’s release from nearly a year back and has been given the video treatment. It’s one of my favourite tracks from the album and is worth checking out.

Crime Wave Video/Remix

Mere days after 50 Cent dropped Crime Wave, he releases the video and the official remix.

Given that 50′s new content is supposed to be more ‘aggressive’, grabbing Gucci Mane for the remix is a bizarre move to say the least. However, I am reliably informed that Gucci actually does a job on this and outdoes 50. Interesting.

50 Cent-Crime Wave Remix ft. Gucci Mane