R&B Fridays: Episode 15

Ne-Yo’s back on picture duty, and plays a big part in this week’s edition. We’ve also got great tracks from Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, the Jackie Boyz and more.

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Ne-Yo-I Feel Good
-Likeable track from Ne-Yo, with really good production. Ne-Yo delivers some nice vocals, and it’s an enjoyable midtempo track.

Casely-Never Know
-I’ve been a Casely fan for a while, and surprised myself that this was his first appearance on here. This track is superb, and samples George Michael’s Father Figure to great effect.

Keri Hilson-Slow Dance Remix Ft. Marques Houston
-MH jumps on the remix for Keri’s newest single, and does a pretty nice job. Marques’ high notes fit this track well, and it’s definitely a nice addition to the original.

Juelz Santana-Back To The Crib ft. Chris Brown
-I’m liking this track. Chris Brown has definitely improved his singing, and on first listen you’ll notice how different he sounds: that great chorus is life without AutoTune! Good to hear him off that, and it’s a pretty likeable track all-round.

Mary J. Blige-Said and Done
-Decent track, largely for the superb Ryan Leslie production. Mary’s voice needs no hype, we all know she delivers the goods.

One Chance-Free Fallin’
-This is a great track by one of my favourite R&B groups right now. It’s an awesome slow jam that cements One Chance as one of the most vocally talented groups around.

Ne-Yo-Can’t Shake Loose
-Probably not quite as ‘obvious’ as the opening track of this edition but it’s very good nonetheless. The production is simple, and the highlight here is Ne-Yo’s talented songwriting.

Jackie Boyz-Tough Act To Follow
-They are a tough act to follow with tracks like this. A great song with a massive chorus that is quickly becoming the staple of the Jackie Boyz’ music. Another awesome track by these guys.

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