R&B Fridays: Episode 13

Unlucky number 13? No chance.

Very good episode here, and it may be my personal favourite to date. Johnta Austin is the prevalent source of goodness in this edition (which is probably why I love this episode), but we’ve also got goods from Akon,  Lloyd and more.

Stop drooling over your keyboard at all this talent and click the damn button.

Johnta Austin-Lost Inside Your Love

-This song is fantastic. It lies somewhere between a slow jam and a midtempo track, which is a pretty nice zone to be in. The production is great, with a really relaxed and airy quality. Johnta’s vocals are on point as ever, and this is definitely one of the best tracks he’s put out. To any of you that are still sleeping on Johnta: You deserve to be hurt.

Lloyd-Pusha Ft. Lil’ Wayne
-Looks like I made an error. I thought this track was the final version, but it turns out that the Lil’ Wayne-assisted cut is the one that’s going to be the official single. It’s the same as the other version, meaning it’s still great, and still growing on me more and more. Unfortunately, Wayne’s verse isn’t quite at the level of his verse on You, but it’s bearable.

Frankie J-I Love My Life Ft. Paula DeAnda
-This is a fairly standard R&B affair, and generally inoffensive. It’s not too bad, and the uptempo switch on the chorus is pretty enjoyable. I would probably rate this higher if it wasn’t surrounded by such great quality tracks this week…but it is, so meh.

Akon-Until U Come Back
-Akon slows it down a bit, and delivers a pretty good track. It’s a slow jam which builds to a climax, which Akon’s vocals do a lot of justice to. A decent track all around, and Akon fans will lap this up.

Rick Ross-Panties In My Penthouse Ft. Lloyd
-This is being posted purely for the Lloyd feature, as he is great on this chorus. Officer Ricky is alright on this, but gets massively overshadowed. It’s a good track though, and both of them do fit this kind of production really well.

Johnta Austin-Call You Tonight
-This is actually an old track, and was dropped about a year ago. However, it’s one of my favourite Johnta tracks so it warrants posting. The production is one of the best R&B productions of recent times, and Johnta’s vocals are worryingly good. However, what I didn’t know until recently was that this is actually a demo track for another artist. The completed version is…

Whitney Houston-Call You Tonight
-Yep, Whitney took this on. She does really well on it too, and it’s nearly as good as the Johnta version. I’m glad that this track will now probably get some mainstream exposure, as the lyrics and production need widespread appreciation. Definitely worth picking this up.

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